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Review: Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

Review: Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

You will certainly have found yourself in this situation: you are looking for a file on your Mac but you realize that you have inadvertently deleted it in the past. In these cases, look for a valid solution to be able to recover the deleted file. In this case there are several solutions and here I would like to talk to you about Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery designed for the macOS platform.

In this review I will show you the positive and negative aspects of the softwareStellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery, so to understand if this software can help you recover your data safely. Software like Stellar Phoenix are very different from Time Machine, the solution offered by Apple for backups of your computer. In the rest of this review I will try to show you the differences and the problems that both software solve.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery, data recovery software on the Mac

Those new to the software recovery industry will be surprised to find that it is possible to recover deleted data from your Mac or external drives. It doesn't matter if you deleted the file and emptied the recycle bin or formatted an external hard drive. Software like Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery are capable of recover deleted files in most cases.Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery 1The software, created by the manufacturer Stellar Data Recovery, aims to recover deleted or lost files from your Mac disk, external hard disk / SD cards, CDs, DVDs and all those devices with an internal memory and can be connected to your Mac. The software is compatible with all Macs, be they a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook, iMac, Mac mini or Mac Pro.

Differences between Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery and Time Machine

Time Machine a solution designed by Apple for backup your computer. The software was designed to work with an external hard drive, on which all the data, apps and settings of your Mac will be stored. If necessary, you can access the most recent backups and restore the files you want.

Time Machine different from software like Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery, because it allows you to recover files for which a backup is present. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery on the other hand, using special algorithms, allows you to scan the disk and re-create the lost file even if we never backed up the disk.

Another difference that Time Machine allows to restore files that were resident on the disk on which MacOS is installed. Third-party software, on the other hand, allows scanning to be performed even on external drives connected to the Mac.

Example of use

For the purposes of this review I wanted to transfer a series of photos on a pendrive and then delete them. To be precise, I transfer 75 photos to the external drive. After deleting the photos from the pendrive, I started the Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software.

In the bar on the left, where all the disks connected to the Mac are highlighted, I selected my pendrive and then I selected the recovery mode for deleted data. In total there are four modes of use. In addition to the first one already mentioned, the software allows you to start classic data recovery when we do not know if the file we searched for is deleted or corrupted. If instead we are in possession of a corrupt disk, it is possible to start the procedure for the Raw disk recovery. Finally you can decide to create the image of the external or internal disk.Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery 2After selecting the mode of recovery of deleted files on my pendrive, I started the quick scan (you can also decide to perform a deeper scan of the disk, with longer execution times). Through the quick scan, the execution time for the reconstruction of the deleted files on the disk was 20 seconds (the 32GB pendrive ununit).

Through the preview mode you can check which files were actually recovered from the selected disk. In this way we can decide which data to transfer to the Mac and which ones do not recover. At the end of the process, all 75 photos were actually recovered.Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery 3The free version of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery only allows you to scan the disk. To be able to restore it, you must purchase the full license on the manufacturer's website for the price of 99.


At the end of this review I would like to clarify some points. From the tests I did I was able to recover the files I needed without problems. But this result is not always obtainable. How a memory disk works, when the portion of the disk in which our file was present is overwritten by a new data item, it is no longer possible to use any software to recover it. For example, if you have deleted a photo from a memory card and continue to take photos, the space occupied by the file that was deleted will be written by new photos and in this case you will no longer be able to recover it. For this reason, when you realize you have deleted an important file, try not to write any data to the disk to increase the chances of recovery.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery has allowed me to recover photos present on the pendrive, but also a series of other documents present on the disk of my Mac. Obviously, not a perfect software, but the limitations are not so much to be attributed to Stella Phoenix as to the functioning of the disks. The cost of 99 certainly does not make it a cheap software, but if you have deleted an important and indispensable file for your work, the expense will certainly be repaid. Also being able to take advantage of the free trial (you can download the software from this link) you are able to verify what data actually Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery can recover and which not, and then move to the complete version. I therefore advise you to download it for free and then evaluate whether, in your case, it makes sense to purchase the full license. My experience of using it was positive and I think that you too will be able to take advantage of this powerful tool.