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Review Smart Xiaomi Yeelight ceiling light compatible with Siri, Google and Alexa

Recensione Plafoniera Smart Xiaomi Yeelight compatibile con Siri, Google Alexa

Another review of a Yeelight product, the Xiaomi branch that deals with lighting with bulbs, lamps that have the characteristic of being able to be connected both in Wi-Fi (for smart activities) and in Bluetooth (for direct commands).

We could call it the Chinese response to the Hue Philips production increasingly expanded in the field of furniture and quality lamps thanks to the integration into the global Signify brand of the Italian company Luceplan.

Returning to Yeelight: Chinese production aims at cheaper appliances but not with a lower level design: the round version (you have seen on this page) and the square version that we examine here have a minimal and attractive design, a very high variety of direct controls from many home automation platforms, a robust and elegant aluminum chassis and only the polymethylmethacrylate of the lighting body betrays, but only by touch, the economic nature of the product.

Review Smart Xiaomi Yeelight ceiling light compatible with Siri, Google Alexa

But let's get to the analysis of the product, its capabilities and see it at work

Packaging and assembly

The product arrived directly from China a few weeks and we do not know if the versions recently distributed from Holland have different equipment. In any case, it is a classic cardboard box that houses the disassembled lamp protected by a cellophane and the remote control with a polystyrene protection: the aluminum of the chassis and the unbreakability of PMMA certainly do not offer any damage during transport.

Review Smart Xiaomi Yeelight ceiling light compatible with Siri, Google AlexaAs soon as the package is opened, the LED strips that act as emitters with two long parallelepipeds in the center cannot be seen inside the single plate of the chassis: the transformer and the box that houses and protects the connection cables.

Review Smart Xiaomi Yeelight ceiling light compatible with Siri, Google Alexa

The equipment includes the very elegant white remote control, whose functions will be examined later which connects / pairs via bluetooth with the simple press of two buttons simultaneously. Obviously you need to remove the protection tab to make the internal battery work.

The lamp is declared insect-proof and it will surely be difficult for animals of any size to enter through the 4 attachment holes, protected by a shelter or by the cable entry hole that pass through an elastic rubber gasket that tightens in any case the cables.

Once the position or squaring with respect to the walls has been determined, simply position the chassis to determine the position of the four holes, use a drill and use the caps provided to pierce the ceiling, pass the power cables through the hole with gasket and connect it to the inner box.

Review Smart Xiaomi Yeelight ceiling light compatible with Siri, Google Alexa

The translucent part made of light polymethylmethacrylate and very easy to install thanks to 8 aluminum-colored clamping levers that allow insertion and disassembly with extreme immediacy but that presumably you will no longer use for the whole life from the illuminating part given the "impermeability" to the insects of the ceiling light.

Review Smart Xiaomi Yeelight ceiling light compatible with Siri, Google Alexa

Once installed we can control it directly with the switch of the room but if we want to use it in a "smart" way we must leave the power on and manage everything from the remote control, smartphone, voice (siri, alexa, google assistant) or from a home automation system compatible.

Review Smart Xiaomi Yeelight ceiling light compatible with Siri, Google Alexa

The remote control

The remote control controls the ceiling light via bluetooth has in addition to the obvious on and off functions also those for adjusting the light intensity, the color temperature and a special functionCozy Moonlight, which lowers the brightness to a single lumen, useful for not leaving the room in the dark and consuming as little as possible to accompany sleep or have a minimum of visibility in the room.

Review Smart Xiaomi Yeelight ceiling light compatible with Siri, Google Alexa

Lighting performance

We installed the ceiling light in a room of 16 square meters and we must say that the 42 watts of the LEDs stand out: taking advantage of the neutral colored light, the luminous flux, despite the shielding of PMMA even overabundant and we must keep the light intensity at 50/60% in normal operating conditions (a hobby room with drums, musical instruments and 3D printing instruments): Yeeligh recommends the ceiling light for rooms of 30-40 square meters and, depending on the level of lighting required, it may not be absolutely a exaggeration.

From the point of view of color temperature and intensity, we can decide the behavior from the remote control and decide with the App if we want the last condition to be repeated with the next ignition or not. Temperatures range from very warm neutral warm white to almost blue cold. In the photos below you see shots with warm white and the special Cozyi Moonlight mode that simulates the light of the moon but on warm shades.

In the app there are also "macro" details such as "candle" lighting which, while not exploiting the color, cycle over the warmer color temperature with a faint and inconstant lighting effect.

The management from App

If you register with the Yeelight application on iOS or Android you have the possibility to manage the ceiling light from Wi-Fi, from your smartphone and from the smart speakers of Google or Amazon Alexa and interestingly also from Siri through your iPhone or Installation (from iOS) thanks to the Siri commands.

Below we show you in a series of galleries all the possible implementations with the various operating systems and voice control systems.

Let's start from the installation we made on iOS but obviously the ceiling light can be controlled at the same time by all systems.

As usual, the home automation device must be connected to the same 2.4 GHz network as your router and smartphone.

Installation from iOS and inclusion in Siri commands and iOS Widgets

Inclusion in Google Home on Android and activation of Widgets on the desktop

Below we see a series of screens that will allow us to configure the ceiling light with Android, OK google (this also on iOS), to control timers, special functions, and color temperature (on iOS and Android) to turn it off with the MiBand when we go to read and finally to activate widgets for direct control from the home of an Android phone.

Inclusion in Alexa

In this series of screens we find the inclusion in the Alexa system (on iOS and Android) and the possibility of having in addition to direct voice control also the inclusion in a group of devices and i to include the lamp in a Routine that is activated with the "Goodnight" that turns off lights, TV, etc.

As seen the interaction possibilities are endless and only missing, unlike his cousin Xiaomi Mija – Yeelight BedSide Lamp 2 that we tried on this page, the possibility of being inserted directly into the home / homekit commands home page.


A lamp that does its duty, easily controllable with the remote control supplied in its main features but at the same time very versatile in home automation controls. We have been using it for a few weeks and we are widely satisfied with performance and interaction skills. If you are interested in the round model that shares with this materials and finishes but with less lighting capacity, we refer you to this other review of ours. This for the power and practicality certainly suitable for rooms of 16-20-25 square meters. something to worry about not to scratch the methacrylate surface before and during the assembly phase.


Excellent lighting capacity, modern and minimal design, wide versatility with home automation systems.


Not directly compatible with Homekit too

Retail price

The lamp can be ordered on Gearbest at a price that varies between 130 and 140 Euros.