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Review Samsung Galaxy J6: amazing performance with diet camera

The Samsung Galaxy J series offers a variety of options to satisfy different users with different budgets in the affordable smartphone segment. The devices that represent Samsung in the segment may not have the most voted specifications, but have a brand value and a familiar user experience that has been perfected over time. Samsung Galaxy J6 ( Rs. 13, 990 on Flipkart ) the new member of the series and presents extraordinary design changes, such as the much higher Infinity display, a more multifaceted design language and surprisingly large software features in Rs. 15,000.

Samsung Galaxy J6 specifications

Let's start by telling you the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy J6. But don't just judge the smartphone from its box. From the first glance, you may find the smartphone inadequately padded, given its price. We thought so too, but the feeling seemed to disappear from the moment we turned on the device and we will talk about this experience in the next paragraphs. For now, this is the silicon that powers the Galaxy J6:

Display Super AMOLED resolution, HD + (1480x720p) 5, 6 inches 18.5: 9 Aspect Ratio
Processor Octa-Core Exynos 7870
GPU Mali-T830 MP1
storage 32 GB, expandable
Rear video camera 13MP f / 1.9 with LED flash
Front camera 8MP f / 1.9 with LED flash
Software Android 8.0 Oreo (Experience UI)
Battery 3000 mAh, no quick charge
sensors Rear scanner for fingerprints, accelerometer, proximity
connectivity Dual SIM (non hybrid), microUSB, Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n
Price 13,990

Now that the smartphone is a little familiar and you know what to expect, let's dig deeper.

What's in the box

Every time I delete a Samsung device, I am pleased to see the packaging clean without frills, saving the stickers on the outside of the box which was a pain to cut. Once inside, the smartphone sits at the top with the lower compartment reserved for accessories.

The box comes with:

  • The Samsung Galaxy J6 phone
  • A brick of 5V / 1A power
  • A microUSB data cable
  • A pair of standard Samsung earphones
  • A SIM ejector
  • Manual and paperwork

A lot of companies have added protective cases, but let's assume that Samsung is not in danger.

Design and construction: elegant, practical, but a little intimidating

From the first interaction, the Galaxy J6 screams of a design that unlike any other smartphone of the previous J series. Despite being aimed at customers with limited budgets, the Galaxy J6 has a design that feels premium . The non-removable polycarbonate backrest is so beautifully constructed that I was initially puzzled about its material, which looked to me like a brushed metal.

Clearly, the most iconic factor in the design of the Galaxy J6 is its Infinity display, which unfortunately is not the same as the Galaxy S8 or S9 couplets. The highest aspect ratio of 18: 9 gives the smartphone a narrower profile, making it easy to hold . The tactile home button, typical of Samsung smartphones, not present on the Galaxy J6 e software keys replace hardware keys to fit the longer screen.

Happily, there is a fingerprint scanner located under the rear camera. The scanner is not completely sucked into the surface, but not very well pronounced, which initially made me turn the phone around to find the exact point.

The plastic frame surrounding the edges houses the power button, the volume up and down buttons, the SIM 1 tray, the SIM card slot 2 + Micro SD, a MicroUSB port, a headphone jack and a speaker facing right. Samsung has a long experience in experimenting with speaker placement, but I've learned to enjoy it more. there prevents the speaker from being attenuated when watching a video or game on this smartphone.

Both front and rear cameras are accompanied by LED flash, but one could question the lack of a secondary camera on the back, like the trend. But the company has several offers for different users and recently announced the Galaxy J6 Duo in India with a dual rear camera. A complaint I have with design la lack of an ambient light sensor which will force users to manually adjust the display brightness. The other that there is no notification LED.

Overall, the design of the Galaxy J6 is pleasant except for those whose palms sweat a lot because in this case the smartphone becomes really slippery and you might not want to leave this piece of beauty.

Display: high, bright and beautiful

A 5 + 6 inch HD + Infinity screen graces the front of the Samsung Galaxy J6. Many other smartphones that cost almost as much are equipped with a Full HD display, but the J6 compensates with a Super AMOLED display. True to the AMOLED pedigree, very lively and bright .

If you compare it with a Full HD LCD display, which is common on smartphones with similar prices, you will find the AMOLED display warmer while the brightness levels vary with the manufacturer. Self you are watching from close, Yes you will notice some graininess on the J6's AMOLED display, but not something you might notice unless you enlarge an image or make some changes to the image on your smartphone.

The display is rather responsive and while some icons (especially during games) may appear tiny, point to objects for the most precise. You can also play with precision of the color display and choose from four different presets including Adaptive Display which changes the vivacity of the color based on what is on the screen. You also have options to play with the heat and the RGB settings of the display.

The Galaxy J6 is missing on an ambient light sensor, which means you will have to adjust the brightness manually. The display becomes comfortably low and noticeably bright, so there should be no problems in terms of readability in any lighting condition. You also get one external mode that increases the brightness to provide reading even under strong sunlight.

As mentioned above, there is no notification LED and, despite AMOLED, I could not understand the settings for the "Always on" display.

Camera: clumsy but usable with good selfies

As I said before, the camera is not one of the most eye-catching highlights of the Galaxy J6. The 13 megapixel snapper on the back is not really impressive. Unless the frame is flooded with light, the Samsung Galaxy J6 fails to take captivating photos . The images are much less saturated on a laptop display than appear on a smartphone. Moreover, the HDR mode makes the colors warmer and the image a little brighter, but it does not always lead to a higher contrast, as one would normally expect.

Images in low light conditions are subject to taxation and considerable noise even in the presence of sufficient internal lighting. Forget taking pictures outdoors unless you want to make the image uncomfortable using the flash. There is no option to keep the flash on permanently and even night mode doesn't seem to make much improvement.

If you're willing to spend some time playing with the options, get a PRO mode with white balance, exposure and ISO settings, up to 800. But don't expect it to do a great job. To fix imperfections and so on, you also get a Beauty mode in the rear camera.

The rear shooter, however, has a good score when it comes to concentrating on nearby objects, even with moderate light. Unfortunately, if you try to search for the manual focus option in PRO mode, chances are you'll end up being disappointed like me.

You have also filters and stickers similar to Snapchat to add to your photos and the function recognizes faces well. Some filters change when the person in the frame opens the mouth but the detection is not very accurate.

The 8 megapixel camera on the front a completely different experience. Clicking selfies are slightly inferior to being perfect, but certainly worthy of appreciation . Even in low light conditions, it does a decent job, only if it is possible to compromise in terms of clarity.

There beauty mode a bit excessive, or at least appears so on the AMOLED screen. You also have a flash on the front that will leave you blinded for a few seconds without any external light source, but it helps you get good images.

There Selfie Focus mode on the Galaxy J6 a welcome addition but will leave you wishing for more. poor in detecting the edges and often there is one bizarre blurring of surrounding objects . This is because there is no secondary camera on the front side to actually measure the depth and effect produced mainly by the software.

So, I was disappointed with the rear camera, due to the lack of a better sensor. Even in daylight, you may have to spend some time while clicking on the images. The selfie camera compensates for the loss and should overcome demerits for those who want to click mostly on selfies.

Performance: Blew Me Out

We apologize for the exaggerated title (and the bad pun), but the performance of the Samsung Galaxy J6 is far better than I expected . The Exynos 7870 manages performance and you can feel the impact of slow-loading apps and games. But apart from some compromises here and there, no worrying lag would be seen.

Over time, Samsung succeeded in encompass many features that optimize performance and this visible in the smooth user interface. The 3 GB RAM doesn't feel choked even with many apps open at the same time.

The Samsung Galaxy J6 pushes its limits to help you enjoy a fantastic gaming experience. The device ran games like Hitman: Sniper, Dragon Hills 2, Clash Royale and Vector 2 as a spell. A small inconvenience that there is no gyroscope, so you may have trouble playing with the tilt-to-turn controls. This is why I had to play Asphalt 8 with on-screen rotation controls, but apart from a little extra work, it didn't affect performance.

An honest confession: I started playing PUBG on this device and found myself hooking up for hours. So, if you plan to train with your thumbs and earn some chicken, the Galaxy J6 will be a good option under a narrow belt. If you are playing well with low graphics, that is. also available a dedicated game mode that allows you to block unimportant notifications during games and to adapt the game to 18: 9 format.

One of the limiting factors of the screen that supports a maximum of 720p videos on YouTube. Also, you shouldn't expect the Galaxy J6 to work with VR headphones.

Even in the presence of rigorous activities, the smartphone it does not overheat at all . If you read or scroll through social media feeds often, the J6 should not disappoint you unless you are browsing for a long time or have a lot of tabs open simultaneously on the browser. The "Device maintenance" function in the settings allows you to manually free up the memory and optimize overall performance, as well as automatically at the scheduled time.

Once you are used to the location of the fingerprint reader, it becomes really convenient. Not the fastest on the market, but it does justice to the price. In addition to waking up the screen, the fingerprint scanner can also be used to block crucial applications like Gallery, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. Also, you can open the notification drawer by swiping over the sensor.

Despite being small, the speaker of the Galaxy J6 is rather loud and clear. The voice towards the acute side, but not enough to make the ears bleed. Comes with the Dolby Atmos audio experience which can be activated when a headset is connected. You can choose between presets like Film, Music and Voice but there are no equalization settings.

The supplied earphones are really strong and clear, but I'm not a big fan of the construction. Even if the earphones do not fall, literally wearing them for too long a pain. For the same reason, bass lines are painful rather than fun.

User experience: inflated but efficient

Gladly, the timing of Samsung's TouchWiz user interface is long gone. Now, the cleanest Samsung Experience interface gives a colorful accent to Android. If you are a fan of standard Android, it may take some time to get used to, but otherwise, the user interface is much more bearable. The mobile app window is my favorite UI feature so far.

The device comes with Android Oreo ready to use and updated to the April security patch applied. We have no news from Samsung regarding future updates but the fact that it comes with a recent security update, we can expect some attention from the company.

The device equipped with many extra apps like Samsung Health, SmartThings, Samsung Mall and features like the Ride mode. You can also protect files with the Secure Folder app and make UPI payments with Samsung Pay Mini. Unlike higher-end Samsung devices, this one does not have MST for tap payments. You'll also have pre-loaded Microsoft apps that can be uninstalled if you don't need them.

Another interesting aspect is the Face Unlock function which works very well during the day and artificial lighting alike. It also manages to unlock the phone in the dark using display brightness. However, fails to unlock when you wear glasses . Overall, the Android experience on the Galaxy J6 is delightful and offers many options to explore.

Battery: durable but slow to recharge

The 3,000 mAh battery on this device easily lasts a day's strenuous activities, ranging from long calls to extended play photography. Thanks to the low resolution of the AMOLED screen, I could easily enjoy a day's use with the screen that remains active for almost 6 hours and sometimes even more.

Despite pushing the limits of the J6 with games, its battery lasted quite well and I couldn't let myself go to play PUBG until it showed the 5% warning. So, you can stress this device and you will find yourself reaching the charger only at the end of the day.

But recharging the battery takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes, even when not in use. So, better connect the phone at night and use it all day. The long duration of the recharge can disturb sometimes, especially when you have to run and the phone is not sufficiently charged.

pros and cons

Like most budget devices, the Samsung Galaxy J6 has its positive and negative and justified to weigh them to help you make a better decision.


  • Impressive performance
  • Fast user interface with multiple optimization options
  • Face Unlock
  • Great selfies


  • Rear camera media
  • Painfully slow charge

Samsung Galaxy J6: a promising package for non-photographers

The Samsung Galaxy J6 a tray full of amazing flavors. Until you're getting intimate with the camera, you'll get a tasty morsel. Android Oreo a welcome addition and the processor handles heavy games and activities without sweating too much. The interface is clean and easy to get used to.

The high display makes binge-watching enjoyable while the speaker volume adds a touch of fun to entertainment. The rear camera is above average while the selfies turn out to be great, but you may not be able to get your feet out. The Face Unlock feature makes you want to close the screen more frequently with the certainty that you won't have to struggle while re-opening it.

If the built-in 32 GB memory is not enough, you can add MicroSD cards up to 256 GB. Samsung has also announced a variant with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of space, but not yet arrived.

The Samsung Galaxy J6 (3 GB / 32 GB) has a price of Rs. 13.990 while the highest model will cost Rs. 16.490 and the only thing missing for the price is a double camera. If the inadequate rear camera does not make you nervous, the J6 is a superb device. At this price, you can also consider a lot of other options like Redmi Note 5 Pro and Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1.

Buy Galaxy J6 (32 GB) on Flipkart (Rs. 13, 990)