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Review Powerbank Aukey 10000mAh USB Type-C

powerbank aukey

powerbank aukey

Those who buy a new smartphone have less and less need for external batteries, because the capacity of the integrated batteries can cover a day of use very well. I think it's still fundamental in some circumstances. I can think of some scenarios, such as trips or walks in the mountains, situations in which the smartphone is used more frequently (for maps or to look for places to visit) or fundamental to always be traceable.

Aukey PB-XN10 10000mAh Portable Battery Review

I still remember the early years when the first Powerbanks were released. To have external batteries that could be put in a pocket or bag it was necessary to buy products with low amperage, enough to charge the smartphone only once. Those who needed to charge more smartphones and therefore were asked for more, were forced to buy more bulky products that required a backpack for transport.

Current technologies allow the production of more compact devices. this is the case of the 10000mAh Aukey powerbank, a compact and highly flexible portable battery. in fact equipped with the latest generation door USB Type-C, which supports the traditional USB Type-A and micro-USB.

How to show the Aukey powerbank

aukey powerbank pack

The well-stocked Aukey portable battery pack: in addition to the powerbank, there is also a micro-USB charging cable and one clutch, useful for transporting the device. The plastic-coated battery with rounded corners on the longer sides, so as to ensure a better feeling when you put it in your pocket. And this is the aspect that I appreciate most about this battery: despite being well equipped 10000mAh, so compact that it can be put in a pocket. The dimensions are in fact a cross between those of an iPhone XS and an iPhone and XS Max. To be precise, the battery is 1.5cm thick, 7cm wide and 12.4cm high, for a total weight of 190g.

size powerbank dimensions

The doors of the powerbank

On one of the shorter faces there are all the features of the Aukey Powerbank: one traditional USB port, one micro-USB port and one USB Type-C port. There are also four bright LEDs that indicate the percentage of remaining charge. Very clever port implementation. The micro-USB can only be used to recharge the portable battery. The standard USB port, on the other hand, serves only to charge external devices.

usb ports powerbank

equipped with technology AiPower Adaptive Charging, which autonomously and intelligently regulates the power supplied by the powerbank depending on the device that is connected. The maximum power output from this port of 2.4A. But if a device requires less power, the door will take care of delivering the right power safely.

The real novelty lies in the type C USB port. It can be used both for recharge the portable battery but also to recharge external devices. This aspect has the advantage of carrying just one cable to recharge powerbank and smartphone (if the latter has a USB Type-C port). Moreover, the portable battery integrates all the advantages of this port. If the traditional USB port can carry a maximum of 2.4A of power, the USB Type-C port can also reach 3A, which turns into a higher charging speed.

From the tests I carried out I could find that the Aukey powerbank can recharge an iPhone XS up to a maximum of 3 times. An iPhone 8 instead can be recharged up to 4 times with a single charge of the portable battery. The product can also be used with iPads, due to its insufficient capacity to recharge Apple's tablet up to 100%. A latest-generation iPad Pro, for example, can reach a maximum of 70% of the charge.


charger aukey 10000

The 10000mAh Aukey powerbank with USB Type-C port is a very versatile product. Excellent dimensions if compared to the proposed amperage. I really appreciated the convenience of the USB Type-C port, in addition to the traditional micro-USB and standard USB ports. A product that I recommend to those who travel a lot and want to optimize spaces.

If you are interested in buying, you can find the product directly on Amazon. It is guaranteed by the company for 24 months and is also protected by Amazon in case of problems.