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Review: PDFelement 6 Pro to manage PDF on PC and Mac

Review: PDFelement 6 Pro to manage PDF on PC and Mac

Wondershare PDFelement 6 Pro an efficient and professional PDF management software for both Windows PCs and Macs. A new version has recently been released that improves the graphical interface, adding new features. The accurate graphics and all the integrated functions make the Wondershare solution an excellent alternative to the much better known Adobe Acrobat Reader.PDFelement 6 Pro to manage PDF the best professional solution to edit and manage your PDFs.

I really make intensive use of PDFs during my day. From reading the ebooks to managing work documents, for me it is essential to use a professional app that allows me not only to view them but also, if necessary, to modify them.The use of PDF files also stimulates the reduced use of paper and makes the daily workflow more effective. By implementing a process of digitization of the printed paper, many companies are able to improve their productivity and excel in their work. However, to use PDF documents in a professional context, essential software created specifically for their 360 degree management is essential. I'm not talking about a simple PDF reader like the ones we find pre-installed on PCs. I refer to more powerful and performing software.

I currently use PDFelement 6 Pro with satisfaction to manage PDF. Among the different features offered by the application, we find the possibility to open, annotate, edit, share and convert a PDF file in all simplicity. a software compatible with both Mac and Windows and if you make intensive and professional use of PDF, I suggest you try it by downloading it from the official website of Wondershare PDFelement 6. If you want to find out all the features of the software, then I advise you to continue reading this article.

Wondershare PDFelement 6 Pro review to manage PDF

PDFelement 6 Pro the most recent version of the well-known PDF editor produced by Wondershare. Through this software you can easily edit PDF files such as ebooks or work documents. In this article I would like to talk to you about the benefits obtained since I started using PDFelement 6 Pro for managing my documents and the new features introduced with the new version.

New graphic interface

PDFelement 6 has an interface completely renewed compared to the previous version. This change has led to larger buttons, making all the software very close to the graphics introduced with Windows 10 (remember the Microsoft Office suite). I personally think that the design is very apt and brings a breath of fresh air in this sector. It almost seems like using a software integrated into the Windows 10 operating system. The same graphic was reported in the Mac version. In this case, though, the interface is pleasant, not well incorporated with what is offered by the design of macOS.PDFelement 6 Pro to manage PDF 1The different functions offered by PDFelement 6 are shown through a handy toolbar at the top of the screen. Selecting each of the features offered, a sidebar opens up with additional information on the right side. For example, selecting the function Add Text, through the sidebar side you can select the font, manage its size, color and much more.

New features of PDFelement 6

The latest version of the software has five major new features. What I consider the most important is the recognition of the text. It allows to recognize the text present in a PDF, giving the user the possibility to modify it as it is done with a Word document and fill in the different fields in a completely simple and intuitive way. Furthermore, the process of moving data within the PDF has been significantly simplified.

You can therefore move an image or a portion of text from one part of the document to the other. In general, all aspects of editing and inserting data in a PDF file have been improved. This makes it easier to compile forms directly from the computer, without having to print the documents, fill them in by hand and then scan them. It is also possible to export some information in the PDF in CSV format.

To these new features are added all the standard options, already present in the previous version, and of which we have already spoken in our review. Among them, I would like to mention the most interesting ones like the OCR function, the simplified signing in a document and the conversion of PDF into other formats such as Word, Excel and Power Point.

Practical use of PDFelement 6 Pro to manage PDF

Use this software to perform PDF-related functions a simple task. When opening PDFelement 6 for the first time, a startup screen appears through which to select the activity to be performed. The first option allows the modification of a PDF file, to be opened through the classic document selection interface.PDFelement 6 Pro to manage PDF 2After opening the file to edit, a new screen will show both the PDF and all the tools to work on it. All elements of the document will be inserted into boxes, which can be moved or resized, as you would with an image in a Word document. You can also select text to edit it or add new paragraphs without any effort. Other interesting editing methods are the insertion of a header on several pages, the insertion of links or images. Throughout the editing phase you will seem to be using a text editor instead of a PDF file reader. The ease of use is truly disarming.

At the end of the modifications you can decide how to save the file. You can either overwrite the current PDF or perform a conversion to other known formats. Apart from small inaccuracies, the export to Word, Excel and Power Point takes place quickly and efficiently.


PDFelement 6 Pro to manage PDF a slim and versatile PDF editor. With it you will be able to easily edit documents as you would with a classic text editor. The software designed for professionals, who need to manage PDF documents as much as possible. You can download a free trial of the software, which I remember to be compatible with both Windows and Mac. A full license can be purchased for $ 59.95.