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Review Outdoor solar panel lamp Mpow 54 LED

lampada a pannelli solari

solar panel lamp

I was looking for a solution to light up the outdoor garden at home. One of the requirements he had to have was to avoid performing electrical work to bring new cables to power the lighting points. A possible solution was to make use of lamps that are recharged with sunlight through special panels. Searching on Amazon I found the availability of different products with these features. From the characteristics indicated, I chose to try the solution proposed by MPOW, which offers a package with two solar panel lamps of polycrystalline silicon and LED lighting.

Outdoor Mpow 54 LED solar panel lamp

One of the features that I appreciated most about this product is the ignition mode. There are three options, all easily adjustable and in a few seconds. The first one, the standard one, allows the lamp to light up automatically when it starts to get dark. In fact, the device is equipped with a brightness sensor that allows the management of the LED lamp to be turned on. In this mode, the lamp operates at medium power, with a duration of about 4-6 hours following a recharge via solar panels of at least 7 hours.

If you want to have a longer duration, you can choose the second mode. It provides a dim light when evening arrives. In the event that a person passes near the lamp, thanks to the proximity sensor, the device turns on the 54 LEDs at maximum power for 17-20 seconds, so as to allow good illumination of the area surrounding the passage of the person. This mode is able to guarantee a couple of hours more of operation, certainly enough to cover an entire night.

led lamp solar panels

The third and final mode, on the other hand, is ideal for all those who do not want to keep the light on all night long. In the absence of light the lamp does not light, except when a person passes near it. In this circumstance the lamp emits light at maximum power, lighting the road for 17-20 seconds. The lamp can detect movements already at a distance of several meters (about 7/8 meters).

For best results, we recommend installing the lamp at a height of about 2m. The package contains all the screws needed for installation. In these conditions, the angle covered by the illumination of about 120 degrees. Being an outdoor lamp, completely waterproof. This aspect is confirmed by the IP65 certification of the product. For a correct operation it is advisable to position the lamp in an area covered by sunlight for most of the day. In the absence of sun, it is difficult to cover every night with a day's recharge.

mpow led lamp

This results in less product efficiency during the winter season. To remedy part of the problem, the company has prepared the product of a slot to insert a battery, which allows energy to be offered if charging via solar energy is not sufficient for the lamp to function properly.


Thanks to the solution offered by Mpow, I was able to light up the gate of my home without installing new power cables. The 800 lumens of the lamp and the 54 LEDs that emit cold light are ideal for illuminating the passage that leads to the entrance of my home. If you are interested in buying this solar panel lamp, you can find it at Amazon either in a single lamp package

that's in a package of two solar lights.

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