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Review Moulinex iCompanion XL integrated smart cooking system

Mulinex iCompanion XL, recensione del sistema di cottura smart integrato

In a world where cooking has become a custom phenomenon, as well as one of the most profitable activities in Italy in so many areas, the Moulinex iCompanion XL multifunctional food processor is a beautiful discovery, whether you are an experienced cook or, as the writer writes, one who like the dish ready.

Although it is not usual here at Macitynet to talk about cooking, the profound affinity of the Moulinex iCompanion XL with the smart environment of the iPhone, iPad and Android has led us to a test, performed with care and with, in the broadest sense and in the broadest sense you can imagine seeing the topic, final satisfaction.

Mulinex iCompanion XL, review of the integrated smart cooking system

Moulinex iCompanion XL, the review

It all starts with the App

Contrary to what one might think, the Moulinex iCompanion XL is not a real product, but as usually happens in recent years, a solution composed of several parts.

The most substantial one consists of the actual robot, with display and integrated keyboard for local control, a set of blades for the preparation of the ingredients, the pot itself, that the "place" where the preparation is carried out and finally the App for iOS or Android, which allows you to follow the whole process, even remotely.

At first glance the display and the keyboard placed in the engine part would suggest a "local" use, something that can be done by losing for most of the overall utility and if we also want the "fun" part. Everything starts from the App, which guides the user through all the preparation phases, from the choice of ingredients to the end of cooking warning

Mulinex iCompanion XL, review of the integrated smart cooking system

Plastic and metal

The materials chosen for the Moulinex iCompanion XL are white plastic for the body of the engine and metal for the moving parts, which are then those that get dirty and need to be washed and we can do it even without problems in the dishwasher.

Assemble and disassemble all the pieces as simple as the blade holder is also interesting, made of plastic, which once closed is easier to put in a drawer (important so as not to run the risk of losing smaller pieces).

The button panel, then, although not strictly necessary, however made of material that once dirty can be cleaned easily and without too many problems.

What do you want to eat today?

As we have said the first operations take place thanks to the App (Universal, compatible with both iPhone and iPad): once downloaded, better to register and perform the pairing via Bluetooth. Once ready, look for the recipe and let it guide you.

You can search for recipes by type, but also by ingredients, letting the robot propose an optimal solution based on what we have, or of course it is also possible to perform a totally manual management with simple sequential operations.

Mulinex iCompanion XL, review of the integrated smart cooking systemThe multi-starred chef Barbieri, testimonial of the product

In the automatic sequences, once the recipe has been chosen, the robot guides step by step through all the operations: selecting the ingredients, choosing the right doses, starting the operation. The software also draws attention when necessary the intervention of the user (such as when necessary to put an ingredient) or after cooking.

It may also be interesting to use the social media app, which allows you to ask for advice on how to implement some recipes, share photos to receive feedback or simply exchange tips with other users: we found it convenient to to be able to export parts of the recipe to other Apps, for example to send the shopping list to those who may have already left and ask to buy the ingredients.

Our impression that in the Moulinex iCompanion XL it would have been more efficient if it had Wi-Fi; the system in fact only has a Bluetooth connection, due to the local management of the robot only. In some cases it would have been interesting to launch the food processor or monitor it from outside the home.


The Mulinex solution realized with wisdom: simple, easily manageable and with a very well developed App. a very powerful system capable of intensively doing interesting things and that in the absence of smart technologies would require much more mastery of cooking and time, but also convenient for those who want to use it occasionally and less … smart, operating on the front buttons that respond and present the outcome of the operations requested on the large display.

Missing as said a Wi-Fi connection maybe not strictly necessary but that would expand the use in an interesting way, but it is a detail. The Moulinex iCompanion XL, assuming the cost is not too high for your pockets, is already in excellent product.

Mulinex iCompanion XL, review of the integrated smart cooking system


Silent CapienteApp well made


Bluetooth only connection


749.00 euros

Moulinex iCompanion XL available in Italian large-scale distribution, both directly in stores and in some online proposals starting from the official page.