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Review Homever MBF-001, the home-made bread maker

Recensione Homever MBF-001, la macchina per fare il pane in casa

Not the first intelligent appliance that ends up in the kitchens of Macitynet but certainly among the most curious of all: Homever MBF-001 a real bread machine capable of kneading, fermenting and baking different types of loaves with the push of a button .

The recipes are within everyone's reach and the realization of a high level, allowing you to self-produce the bread at home and to take it out freshly baked in the morning thanks to the scheduled departure.

Com done

Dimensions first of all: it measures approximately 28 x 28 x 33 cm, enough to require a space of its own on the work surface if used frequently or inside a piece of furniture to store it safely, but not too many if you compare it to other appliances and especially if it is taken into consideration that it can also make loaves of almost 1 kg.

It weighs more than five kilograms, which makes it sufficiently stable when placed on a work surface and built in an excellent way: the external body covered mainly in metal and the lid that contains the electronic component for program control and keeps well sealed the internal compartment appears robust and solid like the rest of the robot.

It is powered by connecting it to the electrical outlet through the Shucko plug with which it is equipped (the cable a little more than a meter long) and consumes 750 W. In the package including the basket inside which the various ingredients are inserted and from which the bread is then extracted to cooking completed, together with the mixing paddle (with attached release tool), the glass for measuring the ingredients and the spoon with double measuring cup attached.

How does it work

To make a loaf of bread – whether it is a classic, French, wholemeal, milk, sugar-free or boxed bread, than what we made in our first test – it is not necessary to study dozens of manual pages and not even request a particular skill in the use of household appliances.

What you need to do is simply follow the recipes suggested by the company for the realization of the various loaves, then inserting the correct ingredients in the basket and then programming the machine to allow it to correctly make dough, fermentation and cooking.

There are basically three options that must be configured before pressing the start button, that is:

  • program: there are 15 and they include different types of bread but also options that allow you to experiment with your own recipes (perhaps when you have become familiar with the operation of the machine), for example, making only doughs or manually controlling fermentation and cooking.
  • gilding: three different levels allow, for each type of bread, to obtain a different baking / browning of the external crust, from the softest and lightest to the darkest and crispest.
  • weight: the machine allows you to balance the various phases based on the quantity of flour inserted, which will then lead to loaves of different sizes. There are three of them and they are reported in pounds: 1 pound, or for a loaf of about 450 grams, 1.5 pounds (680 grams) and 2 pounds (910 grams approximately).

Review Homever MBF-001, the home-made bread maker

How are you

It takes a few hours to transform the raw ingredients (in most cases water, flour, salt, yeast, oil, sugar) into a loaf of bread in all respects. Impossible to say how many because they vary according to the type of bread to be baked. On average there are 3, as in the case of the loaf bread that we tried to make as a first experiment.

As we said, it is only necessary to follow the recipes with the help of the manual so as not to forget the few precautions necessary to obtain a good product, such as the order in which the ingredients are inserted: water, oil, sugar and salt go to the bottom, flour and lastly the baking powder.

The whole process can be followed through the upper lobl – although in most of the time it will be slightly tarnished – from which it will be possible to understand how the various phases are proceeding and, if necessary, stop them to modify the recipe or add other ingredients (in the case of for example, the company recommends adding them only when the dough is completed during the fermentation phase).

In our test – documented by a couple of photos – we made one with medium browning and the result was really satisfactory: since it was crusty bread, the crumb as well as the crust were both very soft and well risen. The only defect (if we can define it this way) that applies to any type of baked bread, attributable to the fact that the dough paddle is inserted inside the dough and therefore will deform part of the center of the loaf when it must be extracted from the basket.

You will never have a completely intact bread but you will have a kind of little hole on the bottom. In case you want to present guests with pleasant bread at the table, the advice is therefore to cut the loaf in half by eliminating perhaps the first slice.

Review Homever MBF-001, the home-made bread maker

Review Homever MBF-001, the home-made bread maker

The manual and customer attention

We find it interesting to dedicate a small paragraph to the Homever MBF-001 manual because it is among the most complete ever found in an appliance. In addition to being available in different languages ​​including Italian (among other things correctly translated from a grammatical point of view), it clearly explains all the various parts of the machine as well as the phases that will be encountered during the preparation of the bread.

In this way, anyone wishing to abandon recipes to experiment with new types of bread can do so in full awareness of how the whole process works. Not only that: in the manual there are also the effects that the various ingredients have on the creation of the bread, explaining for example how sugar or honey affect the browning of the crust or how the addition of eggs is able to alter the consistency of the bread. The manual also deals with the various types of flour indicating, for each of them, the quantity of ash present in the flour after the milling of the wheat.

It is therefore a manual that deals with the topic at three hundred and sixty degrees and that is accompanied by the recipe book for the realization of the types of bread programmable by the machine. In this sense, we also really appreciated the care that the company has for the customer: after just one day from the delivery of Homever MBF-001 regularly purchased on Amazon, you will receive an email containing a PDF file with the updated recipes and (in our case) in Italian, of which for the convenience of our readers we report the pages in the gallery below.


Making bread at home is more than a whim because it not only allows you to make loaves that for quality and final result have nothing to envy from what you can also buy in the morning in the classic oven near the house but, precisely because it allows you to control all the process, can be a valid ally for those who want to produce bread tailored to their family members especially if there are cases of allergies or food intolerances to one or more ingredients.

Homever MBF-001 a valid ally also for those who are particularly attentive to health. Returning for a moment to the example of our test, namely that of making bread in a box, not a secret (just take a look at the packaging label) that on an industrial level ingredients are used that allow you to keep the bread as fresh and fragrant as possible (for example). example in many of these there is an addition of ethyl alcohol).

We can confirm that the loaf bread that this machine produces, through the use of only a few simple ingredients, can compare with those purchased in the supermarket for taste, fragrance, softness and also for duration (half a loaf we closed it in a airtight envelope to analyze this last aspect and the first signs of mold, due to the total sealing of the wrapping, appeared only after an exact week, while still being almost as soft as the first day).

Whatever the type of bread that is going to achieve its result, as we said, high level and we must not forget that Homever MBF-001 even allows you to program the preparation of bread: this is possible to put the ingredients in the basket before going to sleep and make sure that, by calculating the kneading, fermentation and cooking times, you can wake up to the pleasant smell of freshly baked bread (the machine also keeps it warm for at least an hour without affecting the cooking and therefore the result the final).

Retail price

Homever MBF-001 on sale on Amazon for 115.99 euros.