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Review Dyson-style cordless vacuum cleaner Alfawise FJ-166A

Recensione Aspirapolvere senza fili in stile Dyson Alfawise FJ-166A

The fashion of the moment is surely the wireless vacuum cleaner: on the wave of Dyson's massive advertising campaign, the convenience of having a sufficiently light and comfortable vacuum cleaner to carry in every room and even on several floors has become almost a necessity.

But if the purchase of a Dyson, perhaps the V8 model that is not the latest and most advanced, affects your family budget for at least 360 Euros and the entry price could represent an important obstacle, the range of competition and devices of the Chinese manufacturers offers a tide of alternatives that can push you to buy a first price product to evaluate if it is really worth switching to a cordless vacuum cleaner or to use a classic towed product.

It must also be said that more and more users are using robot vacuum cleaners that may not be able to get anywhere or would be too slow to quickly perform a specific cleaning task and therefore the wireless vacuum cleaner becomes a useful ally to finish cleaning or carry out them at the last minute.

Dyson Alfawise FJ-166A style wireless vacuum cleaner review

Among the many devices that are proposed to us for testing and that look a bit alike, we have all chosen this one Alfawise FJ 166A for a variety of reasons: one of the most successful aesthetically with its white and aluminum livery, it promises respectable performance and has an easily replaceable HEPA filter (with spare part supplied). The retail price of around 100 euros, less than a few periodic offers, also seems to us an excellent opportunity to test a device that we have never used at home without having to ruin it for the purchase.

The packaging

The cardboard box contains the vacuum cleaner with few frills: in practice we find the vacuum cleaner with its accessory brushes: the base for carpets and floors not so wide (and without the LEDs that make much future (a standard long spout with soft extension (very convenient for cleaning the inside of the car seats) and a short brush with double function equipped with a retractable bristle block more suitable for cleaning crumbs or car: it will be used without the long tube to have an excellent suction capacity. The long tube with aluminum finish adds a touch of elegance to a device that does not appear so "cheap".

Inside we also find a support to hang it on the wall (it does not stand alone like other "lighter" models) and the power supply, very small in size directly with a European plug on one side and a coaxial connection on the other.

C to say that compared to other cordless vacuum cleaners that we are trying this very sectionable: the battery block is completely detachable (and this offers more safety), the tank that contains dirt easily removable and has a spare Hepa filter whose replacement is recommended after 6 months of use but you can wash it by hand once a month and extend its life as removal from the seat is rather simple.

On the back, just above the large handle that is used to use it thanks to the pressure of the internal red trigger, we find the button that regulates the power (I and II) and 3 beautiful blue LEDs that show us the state of charge of the vacuum cleaner both in use phase than being charged.

The tank is easily removable and thanks to a release on the upper part it can be removed in order to transfer the collected waste directly over the bin.

The configuration

The suction flow passes through the tank which is served by a series of filters:

  • Cyclonic filter for the separation of large waste / hair / hair.
  • Cross-linked filtering for the separation of fine particles.
  • Hepa filter to remove micro allergens, mites and bacteria.
  • Sponge filter to avoid secondary pollution due to the disposal of air inside the system.

The "cyclonic" separation between hair / hair and the rest of the waste is very effective even if obviously you have to get rid of it by using disposable gloves when cleaning the container for just over half a liter.

Overall, the 2.8 kg of weight are well distributed even if, as we have already said, slightly unbalanced towards the handle. The noise level declared around 80 DB is lower than that of standard and low-power trailed vacuum cleaners perfectly usable even in the very early hours of the morning without waking up the whole house or, worse still, the neighbors.

The charge, the power, the duration

The full charge of the vacuum cleaner, thanks to the 2,200 mAh and 22.2 V battery, lasts 5 hours after which we will have the suction power of 7.0 Kilo Pascal: are there many? They are few? A towed vacuum cleaner has a power ranging from 12 to 22 Kpa and therefore we must NOT expect the same suction capacity but we must understand the same if our device can clean an entire house in the useful time of its autonomy.

First of all, we must say that at the standard power the vacuum cleaner works for about 40-50 minutes, enough to carefully "go over" an 80-85 m2 apartment while at maximum power the usage time is reduced to 20-25 with a full charge. : the longest duration is obtained by NOT working continuously at maximum power and, since it is not necessary to keep your finger on the trigger to make it work, just remember to turn it off if you do not continuously operate on the parts to be sucked.

We have used it at maximum power for cleaning carpets with dog (long hair) and cat hair and we must say that the result is remarkable even if the wide brush was not created specifically for this purpose. While access to all parts of the house facilitated by the portalit of the device there is some problem to get under the sofas slightly raised from the ground with the floor brush because the motor positioned "L" with respect to the tube and not possible to arrive almost parallel to the floor.

The motorized brush is not difficult to clean in the case of long hair tufts getting stuck: with a coin the small carter that protects the pulley is released and the roller can also be removed for thorough cleaning or period washing.

The same applies to the maintenance of the HEPA filter that can be washed and left to dry: in all, however, we are assisted by detailed instructions translated into our language.

Obviously, the operation for vacuuming cobwebs, dust and discounted crumbs and directly using accessories without a hose increases the effectiveness of sofas, cars and high furniture. As you have seen from the photos, the attacks are well protected electrically and mechanically solid even more than "noble" models.


It is a cordless vacuum cleaner with a good price-performance ratio: the polycarbonate finish and the aluminum tube give it a current and elegant appearance and the tank for dirt collected even if a little too obscured helps to make the Alfawise FJ-166A a product that seems to belong to a higher class.

In our suction tests on carpets and with animal hair he behaved well despite the power is not that of a towed vacuum cleaner. The powerful battery ensures good autonomy in standard mode (you can easily clean an 80 sqm apartment with a charge) and if you want to manage a little more power at your disposal.


Solid, well-built appliance, easy to clean the floor brush, removable battery, good suction power, good duration at maximum power, very solid component connections. Easy access to the tank and HEPA filter with spare part. Manual in Italian.


Difficult to clean under low furniture with the floor brush, important weight of the suction terminal even if well balanced.

Retail price

Alfawise FJ-166A costs just over 100 Euros with 1.10 Euros for priority shipping in Italy.For further information on shipping costs and times, any charges and order management, you can consult the seller's website.