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Review | Delver an Android game in Minecraft style

loveMinecraft and the retro games? Then you will be impressed by the new game on Google Play. We are talking about Delver, a roguelike * game that will put you in the shoes of this brave hero who must be able to return to the surface.

The main character's aim is to search for the Yithidian globe and try to bring it back to the surface. The operation will not be absolutely simple. The whole adventure takes place between very similar tunnels and it will be very easy to get lost. You feel the absence of a map, in fact, you will have to rely only on your sense of orientation.

During missions, Delver will be able to collect weapons, armor, magic potions and more. You will have the opportunity to find daggers, swords and magic scepters that will allow you to throw colored energy balls that will exterminate opponents. The latter are represented by monsters, such as huge spiders, and enemies who want to try to make you fail.

With regard to i controls, you will have various touchscreen buttons that will allow you to collect the objects and move the weapon you are holding. The various objects will be inserted in the upper bar, present during the game. Once the latter is filled, the things collected will end up in the Delver bag. You can drag the objects to decide whether to place them in the inventory or to the outside, so you can use them immediately. Like some magical weapons could be discharged and, therefore, it is better to store them waiting to be able to reuse them.

Delver will be able to resist various enemy attacks, his life will be symbolized by the 6 hearts located on the display. When the protagonist dies, you will be forced to repeat the level from the beginning. You will never retrace the same missionsince the latter are randomly generated. Each time, therefore, you will find yourself in a brand new adventure.

There graphics three-dimensional certainly the hallmark of Delver. The application has a style retro and each element is pixelated like the old videogames. Not only the settings, such as water and walls, will have this vintage look, but also the enemies and even the weapons. There is also background music, which will increase the anxiety to find out who / what is hiding behind every corner of the busy labyrinth.

Delver is still in development, but the developer launches constant updates to make the game more complete. If you love the genre and 8-bit retr graphics, it could definitely win you over. The application is not exactly cheap, in fact, downloadable at the price of 3.02 from Google Play.

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roguelike*: a type of video game that has some specific elements, such as the random generation of levels.

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