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Review | Death Rally: an excellent action-racing game and …

Presented a little while ago on our blog and having tried it for a long time, we are ready to give you a detailed one review of Death Rally, the rival par excellence of the much loved Reckless Racing *, recently landed on the GooglePlay Store.

The application, downloadable for free from the market Android, destined to have great success, especially for the fact of mixing racing and action in a single app: simple and well-developed races and races with a sort of action shooter in the company, based on shootings and explosions to the detriment of our opponents. Let's analyze the main aspects of the game:


Classic, nostalgic and fun. These are the adjectives that best describe the Death Rally play style. Classic, because it does not introduce new and never seen innovations in a video game, but fully enhances this well-established kind of gameplay; nostalgic, because it somehow recalls the old 90s games for Nintendo, characterized by the classic spacecraft that advances in its path, getting rid of the enemies it encounters by shooting cannon shots; funny, simply because it really is.

The ways the game offers us are mainly two: the classic race on track, characterized by pure madness, by objects to dodge to avoid damage and by the action brought by the reckless use of weapons, explosives and upgrades for your vehicle, and by a mode very similar to a destruction-derby, whose aim is to eliminate as many opponents as possible, in a certain period of time.

The vehicle's upgrade system is really well done: every time we complete a race, based on the position gained, the damage caused and the opponents blown up, we will earn a certain amount of points, which can be invested to improve the vehicle armor, speed or firepower. The game interface is good, and during the race it simply presents two pads: one to direct the vehicle and one to shoot. The initial game menu, on the other hand, immediately shows our progress, our car and all the races we can participate in, in addition to the various buttons for the game options, for social networks and to make upgrades and vehicles purchases in real currency. .

Interesting note about the development of the story, which features nice comic-style curtains that further improve the gaming experience and excellent longevity of the game that guarantees several hours of fun.

Technical features:

Well-made graphics, with bright colors and special effects of good workmanship. Soundtrack and audio effects not exciting but certainly of good quality. The technical sector of the application can be considered of a good level, especially from a stylistic and graphic point of view, giving fluidity and dynamics to an action-racing game that will surely thrill lovers of the genre. Maybe slightly woody, sometimes, the game controls and the menu buttons, which on rare occasions are less precise than usual.

Final thoughts:

This application has potential. The absence of the multiplayer department is a serious shortcoming, but given that the version iOS provided, an update certainly close to also fill this aspect. The ability to pay add-ons allows you to increase your gaming experience, without ruining it, however, for those who do not intend to spend a few euros to have upgrades and additional vehicles. The work done by Remedy Entertainment **, which certainly would not have disappointed us given its importance in the gaming market (software house that I develop the first two chapters of the fantastic Max Payne and the famous Alan Wake). Here is our final evaluation of the application, a video gameplay and the link for the Play Store:

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* Reckless Racing: dirt track racing game, developed by Polarbit, which has been hugely successful on both Android and iOS. The well-developed graphics and the easy and intuitive gameplay have made it a killer-application.

** Remedy Entertainment: software house well known in the gaming field, especially on consoles, given the enormous success of its best titles such as Max Payne, Max Payne 2 and Alan Wake.

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