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Review: Aukey wireless charging base in Graphite

Review: Aukey wireless charging base in Graphite

wireless charging base

Many wireless chargers are available on the market. If you have a smartphone that allows induction charging and you would like to exploit its potential, it is very difficult to choose a good charger among the many proposed. The features are the same and the details often make the difference. For this reason I wanted to focus a lot on the aesthetics during the purchase of my top-up base and the attention paid to an Aukey product. The Aukey LC-C5 model, a wireless charging base with an output power of 5W that is distinguished by its clean lines, which do not disfigure in modern home environments.

10W wireless charging station Aukey LC-C5,

The base of Aukey compatible with Qi technology and received the award iF Design Award 2018. The 1.2m long power cable, USB Type-C type, but not supplied with the wall power supply (you will have to use the smartphone one). If you are interested in this type of products, continue reading this review.

Materials and construction

One of the strengths of this wireless base is its constructive quality. Aukey's product stands out from other competing devices thanks to its elegance. The base made entirely of aluminum with a silver color finish. The upper part, instead, covered in rubberized plastic ..

iphone wireless charging

This is very important, because when the smartphone is rested for recharging it does not slide over the top surface. For testing purposes I used an iPhone XS and both with a rubber case and without unstable results when resting on the base.

The wireless charger equipped with a USB Type-C input, necessary to bring energy to the product. The supplied cable exits, from the other end, with a traditional USB socket. Therefore it is necessary to have a wall charger not included in the package. The smartphone charger is more than sufficient.

Proof of use

Before writing this article I wanted to test the wireless charger for several weeks. The device is pleasant to the touch and is perceived as well constructed. When the smartphone is placed to start charging, a small LED, placed frontally, lights up as if to indicate the beginning of the recharge phase. I really appreciated the presence of the LED, as it confirms that the smartphone is charging without having to unlock it.

aukey base

Another factor that prompted me to try out the wireless charging base from Aukey, the output power being recharged, which is 5W. This allows me to exploit the potential of wireless charging introduced by Apple in iPhones without overheating the smartphone. As far as charging times are concerned, it must be borne in mind that the speeds achieved by connecting the smartphone to the cable are not comparable. It is recharged in about 3 hours and at the end of it I did not notice any particular overheating of the device. This is a very important aspect, as high temperatures lead to a greater degradation of the battery.


The rapid wireless charger from Aukey in Graphics is in the price range of 20. Although there are competing products with a higher price, Aukey's base does not fear comparison and fights on a par with more expensive products.

I appreciated the finish and the LED that lights up when it starts charging. Furthermore, it must be emphasized that the smartphone almost never heats up when it is placed on the charger. You can buy the Aukey LC-C5 wireless charging base directly on Amazon by following the link below.