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Review: AUKEY CP-T06 aluminum tripod

Review: AUKEY CP-T06 aluminum tripod

aluminum tripod

Deciding to buy a tripod can sometimes be like solving a math problem. With this thought that every time I try to understand which of the tripods to take with me, I always find myself doing calculations of weight and space or finding a reasonable compromise.

I choose for maximum portability Do I bring my travel tripod which allows the maximum extension while being small enough to be able to carry it easily? Or do I choose a bulky, life-sized tripod for maximum stability and height?

AUKEY aluminum tripod

The AUKEY CP-T06 aluminum tripod for the journey tries to reach the right mediation between all these choices. Thanks to its thicker legs, a little bigger than a cheap travel tripod. At the same time it is also more robust and stable, although not as bulky as a standard-sized tripod.

In a sector dominated by established brands, it may be difficult to attract attention in this crowded field. AUKEY tries to solve the problem by proposing the CP-T06 with many features at an economical price. Cylindrical legs that bend to expand. It also uses a cylindrical release with respect to the clip closure to extend or retract the legs.

a design also used by more expensive competitors, the main difference that the AUKEY CP-T06 tripod costs abundantly below 100, which is considered convenient for this type of tripod.

For its tripod, AUKEY chooses to follow the path of aluminum instead of using carbon fiber. I actually like the look in brushed metal, which gives it a premium look. The tripod itself weighs just over 1.6 kg and can support a combination of camera and equipment up to 8 kilograms, to the point where it can support a DSLR camera with lens included.

The minimum height of 250 mm, although it is possible to lower the camera further by turning the legs in the opposite direction and using it upside down, an option not always present in the more famous tripods. The tripod can also be extended up to a maximum height of 1.7 meters.

A first impression when you open the positive tripod package. It immediately appears as a robust and well calibrated tool. The CP-T06 also comes with two removable leg tips. The tripod is pre-installed with a standard rubber tip, but can be easily unscrewed and replaced with pointed tips if you want more stability on the ground. Using this tripod, it makes the shots stable and the legs can be locked even at angles of 20, 50 and 80 degrees.

For ease of use, the CP-T06 is supplied with two quick release plates, in case you want to switch from one video camera to another. For a better framing of the object, the tripod provided with a ball head that can be rotated 360 degrees. As an added bonus, you can detach the central leg and use it as a monopod. There is also a removable hook for hanging objects from the tripod. For the packaging, the tripod comes with a carrying case, as well as a small carrying case for carrying small accessories.

tripod head

Even if I used it for a short time, I didn't notice any slack or swing. A negative aspect that its closures can be blocked halfway, sometimes, which can make it more difficult to bend your legs inward or outward. As with other tripods that show off this type of design with folding legs and circular screw closures, even the installation can take a little longer than the standard legs with clip closures.


The design also offers greater flexibility with camera positioning and good robustness even for a travel tripod. Also add its nice feature set that includes all the accessories you need for every type of photo shoot outside in any difficult conditions. Finally, its affordable price makes the AUKEY CP-T06 a solid option for cameras with a budget that requires a more premium tripod. The AUKEY CP-T06 tripod for amateur photographers to use in any condition you can buy it on Amazon at the following link.