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Review: Aukey Bluetooth over ear headphones

Review: Aukey Bluetooth over ear headphones

I like to have different models of headphones to use depending on the context. Generally I use simple headsets with a microphone, which allow me to make calls without any problem when I'm out and about. During training sessions, instead, I wear in-ear headphones that are well suited to sports for greater comfort. When I'm at home, instead, I like listening to music with high quality headphones. I'm looking for headphones to use in this last context. For this reason I decided to try the new ones Bluetooth over ear headphones by Aukey.

Bluetooth over ear headphones by Aukey

The headphones over ear bluetooth cover the ears entirely. This constructive peculiarity allows to have a better insulation from the surrounding environment, which turns into a better sound quality. I was able to test Aukey's headphones for a few weeks and in this article I would like to share my thoughts with you.

Sales package and build quality

The Aukey Bluetooth over ear headphones are a product that aims to have a good fidelity in sound reproduction at an affordable price. The very simple sales package. It includes, in addition to headphones, also a jack cable with integrated microphone (if you do not want to use the Bluetooth connection) and a case, which allows you to comfortably and safely transport the product. In black, which I was able to test, the headphones are very elegant.

Bluetooth headset pack

The construction is solid, made of polycarbonate, with the pavilions and the rim of the cap padded with leather-like finishes. There is also the possibility of adjusting the height of the headphones, so as to easily adapt them to each user. On the left pavilion there is a passage where to connect, if necessary, the audio jack. On the right, on the other hand, there is a microUSB input for recharging and three buttons (masked and not very visible) that allow you to change the song, turn up the volume and answer calls.

Being of the over-ear bluetooth headphones, the two pavilions are very large, so as to completely enclose the ears. Good quality padding and makes it possible to wear headphones for several hours without causing headaches. Of note as the remote control on the jack cable, integrate a microphone and a call answer and play / pause button. However, the volume control keys are missing.

Bluetooth over ear headphones

Test use

I wanted to test Aukey's Bluetooth over ear headphones by playing different genres of music and podcasts. The first thing I noticed was the difference in volume using Bluetooth headsets and without. In the first case, in fact, the maximum volume is lower than when the headphones are connected to a smartphone or PC using the jack cable. A strange behavior, which I thought could serve to offer a longer battery life, which is around 15 hours of use on a single charge.

Testing the difference in volume between the two coupling modes, I noticed how, at maximum volume and with a jack connection, reproducing songs with few basses, you can hear a slight background noise. almost imperceptible if you don't pay attention, but it's good to report it. In general, the sound quality reproduced by Aukey's Bluetooth over-ear headphones is very good. The basses are faithfully reproduced and are very powerful (to the point of perceiving a vibration of the headphones if you touch the pavilions with your hands, while playing songs with many basses). Even the high frequencies are faithful.

Bluetooth over ear aukey headphones

A good level of sound equalization has been done, which makes it possible to enjoy good quality with any kind of music genre. Furthermore, from half the volume, there is excellent insulation from environmental noise. In general I noticed a better sound quality with jack connection (more than normal behavior).

Finally, speeches in podcasts and films do not resound or are muffled as is the case with other types of headphones. This factor makes it possible to use Aukey's Bluetooth over-ear headphones also for playing movies and TV series.


The Aukey Bluetooth over ear headphones are a product with a good quality / price ratio. I appreciated the fidelity in the reproduction of the sound, well above the price range in which the headphones are placed.

Too bad there is a slight hiss at maximum volume when the jack is plugged in (imperceptible when songs with lots of bass are played). Aukey headphones can be purchased directly on Amazon and you can take advantage of shipping Prime. If you are looking for a product with good audio quality at an affordable price, then I suggest you give Aukey over-ear headphones a chance.

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