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Review 5KPlayer, the Mac video player compatible with Airplay and DLNA that challenges VLC

Recensione 5KPlayer, non chiamatelo soltanto player video

When it comes to multimedia players for Windows and Mac, the first that comes to mind is VLC. There are, however, many valid alternatives to the Videolan app, and among these 5Kplayer one of the preferable.

If only for that reason, it contains many functions within the same interface, and thanks to AirPlay support, make all iOS device owners happy.

The first feature that is sought in any multimedia player is certainly that of a video player. From this point of view, of course, 5KPlayer cannot fail.

And in fact, the application that can easily reproduce any file you feed, with support for all the main video file formats, also thanks to an aggressive use of hardware acceleration.

Plays 4K video files or, of course, 1080p without the slightest lag or hitch. 5K We tried a quick comparison with the aforementioned VLC, and with all the files we tested, we found no shortage in 5KPlayer.

Review 5KPlayer, the Mac video player compatible with Airplay and DLNA that challenges VLC

Although anachronistic, among the functions present on this 5KPlayer also the one that allows you to play DVD videos. In fact, many of the current laptops, especially the top of the Apple range, no longer enjoy the dedicated slot, and the format seems to be falling, at least on the notebook stage, thanks to the ever-growing success of the video streaming platforms. However, for those who need it, the function is present.


The most impressive part of 5KPlayer is support for DLNA and AirPlay. For the uninitiated, the DLNA protocol, acronym for Digital Living Network Alliance, the result of the collaboration of various device manufacturers with the ultimate goal of using multimedia content (photos, music and videos) through sharing between PCs, tablets, smartphones and all those devices connected to the home network.

Review 5KPlayer, the Mac video player compatible with Airplay and DLNA that challenges VLC

To use it, simply download one of the many free apps on the Google Play Store to your smartphone. We tried the first one listed, BubbleUPnP, which allows you to stream multimedia content to different devices.

Simply choose to open the DLNA menu on 5KPlayer, start the function, and choose from the Android 5KPlayer app as a device on which to view the contents played on smartphones.

5KPlayer works like DLNA controller , DLNA renderer and also DLNA server. This allows you to share music and MKV video, AVC, Webm, 3GP, VP8 / 9 and AAC from Android to PC or Mac and stream DLNA H.264 / MP4, MP3 and AAC from PC and Mac to Smart TV, game console and more.


The real gem of the application, at least for those who have an iOS device, AirPlay support. It is a proprietary protocol for Apple products and allows the streaming of multimedia content from Apple devices, such as iPad, iPhone and Mac on Apple TV and HomePod.

It only works with Apple devices, but Apple allows third-party manufacturers and other device manufacturers to also implement it on their devices. Apple uses DRM encryption which does not allow some websites that do not encrypt to stream multimedia content on AirPlay.

Review 5KPlayer, the Mac video player compatible with Airplay and DLNA that challenges VLC

Before exploiting the function, we had to install Bonjour on a Windows PC, as requested by 5KPlayer, but subsequently it was sufficient to start the AirPlay protocol to be able to immediately mirror iPad on Windows PC.

We tested with a very weak WiFi connection, coming from a smartphone as a hotspot. The result was still pleasant, with the audio video stream transmitted on the screen sufficiently, especially useful for presentations.

Similarly, AirPlay allows you to be able to view on the big screen, that of an iMac or a Macbook for example, videos from Netflix running on iPhone or iPad.

Needless to deny it, this certainly is the best function of the application. Not because the reproduction feature, or the others present are not valid, but because the possibility of mirroring iPhone and iPad on PC, in such an easy way, is not a little feature, not present on many other applications of the same kind .

Radio stations

The software also allows you to play live radio stations, even if in total sincerity we have not been able to exploit it properly. The recommended stations, and already listed, worked properly, but we were unable to play other radio notes.

In any case, the system of putting the URL of the live stream would be inconvenient: it should first be opened on the web, and then copied to the bar within 5KPlayer. A useless operation, we might as well listen to it directly on the web.

It would have been different if it had been possible to enter only the name of the radio, leaving the app the automatic task of searching for the stream and reproducing it.


5KPLayer has the numerous functions incorporated within a single software and a well-organized and intuitive UI. 5KPlayer is a good media player, a valid alternative to VLC.

It allows you to play videos, DVDs and audio files, to download and more. It allows you to stream multimedia content using DLNA and AirPlay, a feature that really adds a reason for downloading.

To download it, start directly from this link.