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RetroPhone, soon a touch of "vintage" on your iPhone

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RetroPhone, soon a touch of "vintage" on your iPhone logomacitynet1200wide 1

When technological innovation marries the charm of the past on the iPhone … here is the birth of RetroPhone, a native application for the Apple mobile phone that we would not feel necessary to define, but certainly curious and imaginative.

The CodeMorphic application (not yet available to date) does nothing but reproduce on the Apple mobile phone screen a telephone wheel, typical of the old analog phones that until a few decades ago were present in all our homes.

Without a doubt, the tactile feeling of the RetroPhone will be different from that of the historical cord and handset phones, but the nostalgia of many users will be at least partially appeased thanks to the work of CodeMorphic.RetroPhone should in the future be available directly through the App Store, probably together with Aloha, a photo annotation program inspired by Comic Life.

For now, you can still visit the official CodeMorphic website and maybe enjoy the presentation video of the little program.

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