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Restore an android smartphone to factory settings

Restore an android smartphone to factory settings

When a smartphone Android it has been used for a long time and above all if many applications have been installed or if the device has been infected with a virus one needs to restore the smartphone to the factory settings. In this way, your smartphone will return as new as just bought, from a clear software point of view. Of course this represents a decidedly drastic choice therefore it is necessary to keep in mind that once the operation is finished all data will be deleted. It is therefore advisable to make a backup of the data before proceeding with the reset. Also important to keep in mind that the data in the sd will not be touched in any way. Finally, you must be absolutely convinced of the operation you are about to undertake.

After carrying out the preparatory activities, data backup, you can start with the operation. So from the Menu you have to tap on settings and privacy. This way you should enter the personal data section. Now you need to touch the factory data reset item. Now you need to touch reset phone and then delete everything to confirm the device for the action you are about to perform. At the end of the process the smartphoneAndroid it will shutdown and restart by resetting the system to factory settings.

Now that the work has been completed it will be possible to have a smartphone Android more powerful. If for some important files the appeal is missing, one must not despair. There is a program for windows that allows you to recover inadvertently deleted files. This program is called Wondershare Data Recovery for Android and allows, by connecting the phone to the computer, to recover a large number of file types in a simple and intuitive way.

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