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Repubblica interviews Jobs and Biagini

A growing Apple, but not the physiological growth of the market, an exponential growth, which multiplies by two that of the rest of the sector, especially in Italy, a country to which Apple is looking (perhaps still from afar) with a lot of interest. This is essentially the content of Biagini's statements to the journalist of Repubblica, a Biagini who also explains the evolution of the consumer and education market in Italy, lagging behind the rest of Europe, but now in a clear recovery, just when Apple is more lively and flourishing, with products suitable for the market. At the same time Biagini also announces an agreement with Cinecitt, an agreement that will lead to the assembly with Apple technologies (FinalCut) of the dozen films that will be produced following the competition for young authors. also in explaining the relationship with Microsoft, saying that, while maintaining the development characteristics at home, Apple needs to rely on the outside for other packages, Office for Mac goes precisely in this direction, providing our platform with a productivity package absolutely necessary.And Microsoft also talks about Jobs, explaining his friendship with Gates, but refusing to comment on the results of the process. Jobs, like Biagini, explains Apple's recovery of the projects in the pipeline and sheds some light on some choices in recent years, its mixed position of iCeo in Apple and Pixar's CEO, until the confirmation of Apple's CEO .Jobs wants to talk, he says of iMac and Cube, of turnover on-line equal to 25% of the total turnover, decidedly more malleable and available than usual, obviously many problems are behind us!