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Renault offer for electric car rental combined with the purchase of eco-sustainable houses

Renault lancia il noleggio associato all’acquisto di unità abitative eco-cittadine

The Renault Group and the Kaufman & Broad real estate agency have launched an offer that combines the rental of Renault ZOE at discounted rates with the purchase of a housing unit of the Feel Wood Villepreux real estate program, in the Yvelines department in the Ile-de-France region.

“Feel Wood + a new real estate complex designed with an eco-citizen approach that includes habitats, use of renewable energies and mobility, enhances eco-responsibility and a global vision of carbon footprint of users that integrates habitats and mobility.

This program foresees a long-term rental offer of electric ZOEs proposed at particular conditions to all future buyers who join the Feel Wood program, with the aim of evolving behaviors by allowing individuals to adopt more eco-citizen attitudes per city. sustainable.

Renault launches the rental associated with the purchase of eco-city housing units

The long-term rental of Renault ZOE, in the Life version for 37 months, includes:

  • A monthly fee of 90 euros which includes the rental of the battery with a lifetime guarantee, with a saving of 60 euros per month
  • A first rental of 1,000 euros, after deducting the ecological bonus of 6,000 euros and the contribution of Kaufman & Broad for a total of 5,000 euros

To facilitate daily use, all parking spaces and garages in homes will be equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles.

Integrated in the landscape of the Plaine de Versailles, Feel Wood is a complex consisting of 12 individual 3 or 4-room houses with wooden structure and a condominium of 20 apartments of 2 to 5 rooms. This building complex was designed to be Energy-plus-house certified. The housing units will produce more energy than they consume, especially thanks to the installation of photovoltaic panels on all roofs that will allow to feed the radiators, the thermodynamic water heater and the lighting of the house.

Used for the structure of the housing units, wood will offer better thermal insulation and promote better ambient air quality, above all thanks to the humidity regulation. Wood, which is 100% renewable and recyclable, allows to obtain a positive carbon balance for a more responsible habitat.

To prolong the responsible commitment and limit polluting emissions, the real estate program also creates various devices that contribute to greater urban planning sustainability such as:

  • natural lighting in common areas to limit electricity consumption;
  • the installation of energy-producing elevators;
  • rainwater recovery;
  • the creation of collective and individual composting areas;
  • The enhancement of the stairs in the center of the common parts to encourage the inhabitants to use them more

"This first concrete application", explains Gilles Normand, Director of the Electric Vehicle Division, "demonstrates the importance of going beyond the simple vehicle to build accessible and easy-to-live solutions around the electric vehicle". Nordine Hachemi, CEO of Kaufman & Broad, specialized in urban development and design, reports: "We are very proud to present this new condominium complex with wooden structure, material of the future for responsible construction and less polluting cities", highlighting the partnership with the Renault Group, which allows you to offer electric vehicles at affordable prices; "Today more than ever we embark on a global reflection on eco-town planning".