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Remove root temporarily: guide to available methods

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remove root

Do you have an app that does not start because it signals the presence of root on your system? If you have modified the operating system in order to access superuser permissions and / or have installed a custom ROM, some apps (such as banks' or legal streaming apps) may not appreciate the change for several reasons: those who try to prevent the pirates to copy the streaming of legal content (the case of streaming apps) and those who try to protect the money kept in the bank by modified systems (the case of banking apps). The ideal solution would be to remove root temporarily on the phone and reactivate it after using the incompatible apps.

Remove root temporarily

Otherwise you should permanently delete the root permissions and remove all customization changes made on the phone. Doing this involves the loss of all the work done, but now you no longer have to worry, because a solution exists to safeguard the changes made on the phone and at the same time make the apps work that are not compatible with root permissions. In this guide I will show you how can you disable root temporarily and "hide" it when viewing installed apps.


The app to better manage root permissions on your SuperSU device, downloadable for free in the APK format from the following link.


The items available in the Settings menu also include Enable Superuser, which actually acts as a switch for root permissions.

Enable Superuser

Remove the check mark to disable the root permissions temporarily from the device, then restart the device for the changes to take effect. Now you should be able to start apps that previously created some problems with activated Superuser.

NOTE: some ROMs integrate root inside the kernel, so as to start it automatically every time it is turned on or restarted. In this case you will have to disable the tick from SuperSU and immediately try to open the app without rebooting, otherwise the check will appear on the SuperSU entry "will return" automatically.

Xposed eRootCloak

The other effective method of removing root temporarily hiding the root from apps that check for root permissions when they are started. To do this we request the presence on the Android device of the Xposed framework and one of its modules, RootCloak. The procedure available below:

  • Install Xposed on your device (Lollipop or Marshmallow) daqui
  • Once installed, restart the Android device
  • On reboot, open Xposed and, in the Download section, look for the RootCloak module and install it

An example image present here.temporarily remove root

Click on in the app Add / Remove Apps to find yourself with a predefined list of apps already configured to not see root on the system. The app is very simple to use to temporarily remove root: all the apps in its list will not see root; if any app is missing, just click on the + symbol at the top and add the streaming app or banking app that absolutely must not detect root.temporarily remove root

Now all you have to do is restart the device to hide the root from the apps that are most annoying. To make root "see" again, just remove the required app from the RootCloak list.

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