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Remote control and iPod dock, two little big news

A remote control and multimedia software. Here is the idea that, a bit subdued because it is submerged by the other news, Cupertino presented during the day today.

The remote control called Apple Remote (already on sale on the Apple Store for 29 euros) aesthetically very similar to an iPod shuffle. Same color same "style" in the buttons. Its function is to call up a new application on the iMac called Front Row which manages all the multimedia software on the machine.

"Apple Remote – reads the Apple website – gives you total control over music, photos, videos and DVDs from any corner of the room. When you click on the Apple Remote menu button, the desk disappears and is replaced by the elegant Front Row interface to give you control of iTunes music, iPhoto photos, video documents in the Movies folder and the DVDs you want to play. Turn up the volume. Activate random playback. Switch to the next chapter of a DVD. Play a slideshow, a personal movie created in iMovie and even a movie trailer. Sit down and enjoy the show "

The remote control, which according to what we learned in the context of yesterday's event uses infrared technology, communicates only with iMac. The new machine has a receiver located right behind the Apple that serves this purpose. During the demonstration for journalists it was shown how the remote control is very powerful and the receivers sensitive to the point to work even when a hand is placed in front of the sensor.

Apple Remote does not work with other machines; but it is possible that in the future some third parties will build receivers for computers that do not have a sensor.

The remote control, in addition to iMac, also works with iPod. To use it with this goal you must buy an iPod Universal Dock (also sold on Apple Store), a new and innovative connection system presented today.

Thanks to it not only is it possible to remotely control iPod with Apple Remote, but also to connect the player to the computer and recharge the battery, connect it to the electricity using an iPod power adapter, connect it to the stereo or speakers using an iPod AV cable or a stereo audio cable to play music from iPod, view photos on TV or other video device using an iPod AV cable, or an S-video cable if you have an iPod with a color screen.

"Universal Dock – says Apple – the definitive iPod dock solution. Any model of iPod with a dock connector can fit perfectly into a single Universal Dock through the use of interchangeable adapters called Dock Adapters. Simply insert the correct Dock adapter for your iPod model and then insert the iPod. When you want to connect an iPod of different sizes, simply remove the Dock adapter and insert another one "

The iPod Universal Dock package includes adapters for five types of iPods: iPod mini (4GB and 6GB); iPod with click wheel (20GB, 40GB, U2 Special Edition); iPod with color screen (20GB, 30GB, 40GB, 60GB, U2 Special Edition)

New iPods will include adapters for that model, other adapters are available separately.

The price of the new Universal Dock of 39 euros.