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RemoSync and Funambol: MobileMe competitors arrive

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MobileMe has just been presented and is already finding two fierce competitors: we are talking about Funambol, a software that is described as the free and open-source alternative of the new Apple mobile service, and Verizon's RemoSync, an application that allows push functionality for US operator cell phones.


The Funambol developers have announced that from 11 July the native version of Funambol for iPhone 2.0 will be freely downloadable from the App Store, which – like MobileMe – will offer, via the proprietary servers, push email, push calendar and push address book, the all synchronized over-the-air.

It will be compatible with various services, such as Exchange, Domino, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Outlook, to ensure wider compatibility. Services also accessible via browser, thanks to the MyFunambol portal.

Compared to MobileMe, the fees for the web hosting space, the Photo Gallery and iDisk are missing; being for an open-source software, other developers may worry about filling the just listed gaps, to really make it a solid alternative to MobileMe.

In addition, there will always be complete integration with the Mac environment and iApps, but these are perhaps the "prices" to be paid for the free program.

Funambol is already available on the Installer for unlocked iPhones and from the MyFunambol portal but for now it only offers contact synchronization.

Always remaining on the "push" topic, Verizon also inaugurated its RemoSync, which obviously will offer wireless synchronization of emails, contacts and calendars for some devices of the US carrier.

Unfortunately, in this case the service is far from free: it starts from $ 9.99 a month and, for those who have not signed up to a data plan, they will be charged $ 1.99 for each MB. In this case, the comparison with MobileMe, even if only from an economic point of view, everything appears to the advantage of the Apple product.