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Register of computer scientists: a proposal that makes you discuss

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Here is Davide Sigurotti's email: “I am writing to let you note that a bill has been presented in the Senate for the establishment of a Register of Informatics. After reading the various articles, I was very worried, because 'if on the one hand it is true that in Italy it takes a lot of clarity on the subject, on the other hand I am also thinking of all those people (I am among those) who not having a qualification corresponding to the requests mentioned in the articles (in particular from 39 to 42), having an age so it is impossible for me to go back to study (apart from the very small detail that I would need the necessary money), and finally having work experience (therefore in the field) for five years as programmer analyst now what do i change?

I am one of those who pay Apple every year to be enrolled in the ADC, and to be precise the inscription Select, I have been using and programming computers since the Apple II, C64 and Z80 appeared, and when I say I mean that when I was a kid I learned the assembly of the 6502 and that of the Z80 and I made some games and some programs for my own purposes.

In my "computer" life I have seen a lot of things, I have seen the dawn of the Internet and I remember very well when I used one of the first modems at 2400 and I participated in one of the BBS (hey, bulletin board system ) on the C64. HTML, PHP, the various C / C ++ with MFC, PowerPlant, and then Java, Javascript, lately Cocoa – Objective-C, the Forth (who still uses it?), The Prolog, the various Basic (from that of the Apple II , passing through C64, qBasic and GWBasic, to get to VB, Real, Future – yes, I remember when it was still called Z-Basic), assembly languages ​​(apart from the first micro I learned that of 68000 and I started the one of the PowerPC of which, however I learned the internal structure and I am doing the so-called on Altivec to optimize), and then MS-DOS, Windows with its ostrogote API (I LOVE the Mac's NewWindow, I HATE the structure WNDCLASS), when Linux came out I bought the big red book, the NeXT !, I also downloaded FreeBSD (and I don't tell you what it cost me).

Now comes a senator who says to me: oh, sorry, but your twenty years of experience is no longer useful. You have, but all those who started working in the IT sector at 25 and who do not have a computer science degree they do? If I did not find a job in the IT field before because there was no fault of it before? But it is subtle, because it also introduces a form of discrimination: in fact it says that it is not necessary to have a title of study, but "enough" to be in the field for ten years (absurd!), or the company for which one works must declare the reasons why one was hired. Why, in your opinion, is capable of what else strange reason. Companies when they hire put you in a trial period, and if you return, they take you on a permanent basis. Sorry for my outburst. I would also like, if possible, to discuss the matter with others in one of your forums. "

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