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Reduce JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP online image files

Reduce JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP online image files

Reduce image files

You don't always have the need to have a high resolution image to work on. For different reasons you may need to quickly reduce the weight of an image, perhaps to publish it on web, send it as a draft away e-mailor publish it on Social Media.If required a fast procedure for compress images you don't always want or time to open professional programs like Photoshop or others just to edit and reduce image files. There are fast solutions that do not even require the installation of software on the computer. Let's see what they are.

How to reduce image files

If for any reason you need to compress PNGs, JPEGs or other image formats, I will now tell you a quick method without downloading any application to your computer. A free online compression service will be used, which allows you to perform various operations on the images, including reducing image files, modifying them, choosing different effects, selecting how much to compress the file, reducing pixels. The site is called PicResize and a fast and functional effective solution.

Let's see how it works and what results we can achieve with this online service. Access your site from your browser PicResize and load the image file you want to edit by clicking on Browse.Select the file that must be present on the computer or on an external drive and pressContinue. You can also upload an image by searching for it on the web.

pic resize

At this point, after uploading the file that can be of different format, PNG, JPEG, GIF, GMP, the uploaded image will open on the right.

1. On the left side of the image a menu will appear with a series of functions that will allow you to change the image:

  • To cutan area of ​​the image, and eventually return to the imageoriginal.
  • Rotatethe image to the right or left of 90.
  • To foldon itself the image in horizontal or vertical.

pic resize functions

Compress images PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP

2. Below, below the image, other functions will appear. I think they are the most interesting of the service, as they manage the file reduction:

  • What to do with the image in terms of compression: It is a truly complete service. It reduces the size of the image in terms of pixels or in terms of kilobytes and simultaneously makes an estimate of the final size of the file.

3.Scrolling through the page will appear other useful functions. Here you can choose many Special effects to be able to apply to the image. For example, you canblend it, give a oil effect, black and white, etc.

compress jpeg

4. When you have completed the changes and the degree of compression, you will be able to save the image in different formats, choose the quality or enter the maximum size in kilobyte where you want to store the image:

  • Good – Better Great.
  • Maximum file size.

When you are sure you have made all the changes you want, click on "I'm Done! Resize My Picture”And you will see a summary of the operations appear, displaying the final size of the file. Furthermore, the service will allow you to perform other operations on images such as these:

  • Preview the image.
  • Resume editing the image.
  • Save the image on the computer.
  • Save the image on the web giving the possibility to publish it directly on social media.

I think that PicResize is a great service to quickly change an image without opening complex applications or software. What do you think of this solution to reduce image files?

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