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Redmi 5 Review: a smartphone with unlimited budget

Redmi 5 Review: a smartphone with unlimited budget

Xiaomi is arriving in India, launching so many smartphones that it can become overwhelming. After the Redmi Note 5 and the Redmi Note 5 Pro, the Chinese manufacturer (and the leading smartphone brand in India) recently launched the Redmi 5 in India. Aimed at the economic market that wants an affordable smartphone with better than usual performance, the Redmi 5 available in three points: a 2 GB / 16 GB variant for $ 7,999, a 3 GB / 32 GB variant for 999 and a variant from 4 GB / 64 GB to 10,999.

We have the 3 GB / 32 GB variant of Redmi 5 here at Beebom, and to simplify your life and to help you with your decision to buy a new budget smartphone, this is our review of Redmi 5.

Redmi 5 Specifications:

First, the specs. Redmi 5 equipped with decidedly "cheap" looking hardware, but includes a lot of flexibility with RAM and storage options. Here is the complete spreadsheet for Redmi 5:

Display 5.7 inches 1440×720
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 Octa-core Cortex A53 1, 8 GHz
GPU Adreno 506
RAM 2/3 / 4GB
storage 16/32 / 64GB
Main camera 12MP
Secondary camera 5 MP with Selfie flash
Battery Non-removable from 3,300 mAh
Operating system MIUI 9 based on Android Nougat
sensors Proximity sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer, vibration motor, ambient light sensor
connectivity WiFi b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.2
Price Rs. 7,999 / 8,999 / 10,999

What's inside the Redmi 5 box

First, the Redmi 5 comes in a decent-looking red box with a sticker that reads "India's No. 1 Smartphone Brand", presumably to let people know they are part of a family that is growing day by day . Once you open the box, you will find a couple of things:

  • The Redmi 5
  • Xiaomi charger
  • a micro-USB cable (still waiting for the day when we will have USB-C on everything)
  • SIM eject tool
  • Clear case
  • a couple of flyers you wouldn't want to read, but they are there.

First impressions: a Redmi Note 5 Pro?

The Redmi 5 a confusing phone to watch, looks almost identical to the Redmi Note 5 and Redmi Note 5 Pro from the front, but not a bad thing. The phone has a gorgeous 18: 9 appearance, curved corners and a slimmer than usual design that always resembles the appearance of the Pixel 2 XL.

Fun fact, I was taking the Redmi 5 out of our 'cabinet of phones' this morning, and I accidentally took the Redmi Note 5 Pro because they both look the same. only when I shot it that I noticed that I was staring at the back of an iPhone X, sorry, Redmi Note 5 Pro, did I correct myself and I took the Redmi 5.

Build and Design: attractive, comfortable and downright beautiful

Picking up the Redmi 5, the difference is quite obvious. This phone is immediately more elegant and, thanks to the curved edges on the back, easier to hold. Add the 5, 7 inch, 18: 9 display to all of this, and this is certainly one of the easiest to use phones I've used. Go for Xiaomi for that.

The Redmi 5 has a metal back, with the top and bottom made of plastic, tactile buttons that are pleasant to use and an incredible overall feel in the hand. I have no complaints about the construction and design of the well-made Redmi 5. (unlike most cheap smartphones that feel strange and plastic in the hand), it has a good design that makes it a very comfortable phone to use.

Display: Cutting Angers … Literally

Turning on the phone, one of the first things I noticed that even if Xiaomi has a 1440 720 display on the phone, it doesn't look bad at all. On the contrary, the display on Redmi 5 really quite good, especially taking into account the price of the device. It has good colors, large viewing angles, yet, I'm sorry to say that the company has cut corners on this. Literally.

A defect that I had not noticed in some way but that has been brought to my attention, now what it will bring to yours. If you are like me and keep OCD on these things, it would be best to skip this particular paragraph. The Redmi 5 has curved corners, but not really a display with curved corners. Xiaomi has just curved the top glass cover, which means that the display is actually cut at the corners and it looks very strange. I can't really describe it, but look at it in the image below.

Camera: Jack of All, Ace of None

The rear camera of Redmi 5 is a 12MP shooter with aperture f / 2.2, PDAF, HDR and Beautify mode of Xiaomi (of which I do not understand the need, but hey, a feature). Honestly, the rear camera on Redmi 5 is actually a good shooter. In most cases, the camera takes decent photos. There are sufficient details, generally good color reproduction and a fair amount of sharpness. Also, I noticed that the autofocus is very fast and there is no shutter lag visible in the camera app. Very well!

The front camera of this device is a 5 megapixel shooter with f / 2.0 aperture. I don't know why the front camera has a wider aperture than the rear camera, but it does, and ensures that your selfies come out well. Here too there is a Beautify mode, and it makes a lot more sense in the front camera than it will be used mainly for taking selfies.

A place where the camera of Redmi 5 in low light conditions, and this is predictable considering that it has a narrow f / 2.2 aperture and no stabilization of any kind. Not that he's scolding him for the absence of OIS.

At this price, if Xiaomi included OIS in the phone, it would have been nothing less than a miracle. Low light images may not turn out as good as you would like, but there is a flash on both sides of the phone that definitely helps.

Performance: unexpectedly good

The Redmi 5 packages in an Snapdragon 450 octa-core processor, and we are using a variant with 3 gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of storage. At first I had doubts about the performance, but the Snapdragon 450 does not disappoint. It uses the same Cortex A53 cores that are located inside the Snapdragon 625 (which Xiaomi uses in the Redmi Note 5), built on the same 14 nm process as the SD625 and has the same Adreno 506 GPU.

The Redmi 5 promotes daily activities and is very useful in multi-tasking, but can be added to 3 GB RAM. I'm not sure that the 2 GB RAM variant would be just as valid for multi-tasking as the variant we have, and I wouldn't recommend the 2 GB variant anyway because MIUI 9 won't be kind to it.

in games where this phone really surprised me. I started with Asphalt 8, an old game, but absolutely exceptional in terms of graphics. When the Redmi 5 showed no signs of stress, I switched to PUBG Mobile. The app found low settings as defaults, but aside from foliage and surroundings that aren't as detailed, the game looks pretty good and works like a spell. I have not noticed any delay when playing PUBG on Redmi 5 (and I played quite well, dying in 4th place … but this is a different story).

Modern Combat 5 stressed the phone a little, but not to an extent where I would have noticed it late. I could say that it was also stressed because, while the phone warmed up slightly in PUBG Mobile and almost negligibly in Asphalt 8, Modern Combat 5 warmed it up significantly. it became uncomfortable after about 30 minutes of gameplay, but the way in which Snapdragon 450 manages activities with high graphic intensity was truly surprising.

User experience: MIUI 9 impressive as always

In terms of overall experience, the Redmi 5 doesn't leave much to be desired. Xiaomi has hit a weak point with the 3GB / 32GB variant of the phone. It comes with MIUI 9, so there are all the great features that Xiaomi's Android aroma brings with it, and with 3 GB of RAM, MIUI 9 works perfectly.

The fingerprint scanner works very well. very fast, with an almost negligible time difference between the touch of the finger on the scanner and the phone that unlocks. This something that I've become very particular since I used OnePlus 5, and the Redmi 5 comes very close to that insane unlocking speed.

Battery: quite good

Redmi 5 packs in a 3,300 mAh non-removable battery that Xiaomi claims to be a "battery for the whole day". a complaint that can be disputed. In my personal use involving an unusual amount of games, along with long hours of browsing on Twitter and Reddit, I was able to do the Redmi 5 last day if I pushed it a bit. However, in the general use case for most users, Redmi 5 should easily last one day with moderate use.

Xiaomi has dropped a heavy 800 mAh battery on Redmi 5 compared to Redmi 4, but the company has done a stellar job using Snapdragon 450 with its 14 nm architecture for better energy efficiency. The Redmi 5 doesn't actually lose 800 mAh more, and that's saying something.


When it comes to connectivity, Redmi 5 features a 3-choose-2 hybrid SIM slot that can carry a Nano SIM and a Micro SIM or a Micro SIM + a Micro SD Card. The phone supports SD cards with capacities up to 128 GB , which is definitely a lot of storage space.

The phone also supports b / g / n WiFi networks but does not support the new 'ac' standard. However, being a budget smartphone, we didn't expect to see 802.11 ac support on it. The phone also has Bluetooth 4.2 for connecting Bluetooth devices and accessories.

pros and cons

Obviously, there are two sides of this proverbial (and telephone-shaped) coin. The Redmi 5 has some great things to do, but there are also some drawbacks.


  • Frameless design
  • No tick
  • Flash selfie
  • Large display
  • Superior performance
  • Snapdragon 450 works surprisingly well
  • Decent battery life


  • No USB-C
  • Low light performance leaves a lot to be desired
  • No fast charging support
  • No Bluetooth 5.0

Conclusion: surprisingly good for the price

The Redmi 5 lands at a price where people usually expect a regular smartphone that can handle basic tasks along with slightly resource-heavy things. However, this phone works like a beast, all things considered. I can safely say that the Redmi 5 is very close to the performance of the mid-range smartphone at a price accessible to a huge chunk of the Indian population.

If you are looking to buy a phone under $ 9,000, the Redmi 5 is by far the best phone possible and I will recommend it in the blink of an eye. However, if possible, you can increase your budget by another 1000, I recommend taking the 3 GB / 32 GB variant of Redmi Note 5 instead. You will get a better processor, a larger display and more battery.

Buy the Redmi 5 from Amazon (starting at 7.99)