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Recover lost photos from flash drives, microSD and hard drives

Recuperare foto

Recover photos

Have you connected a USB stick or an external hard drive full of important photos and found a disconsolate white screen, with all the files mysteriously disappeared? Did you accidentally delete the holiday album even emptying the trash? In these cases the fundamental time: the sooner you act to make the recovery, the more chance you'll have of recovering the lost files. This recovery is possible because the disks do not actually delete the files (even if you see them disappear from the system), but it makes its space occupied on a "rewritable" disk, therefore available as a space on which the disk can save new files. That's why you first act before you can recover photos lost by accident.

Recovering deleted files has always been a problem, because if you don't know how to operate, you can do irreparable damage. This is why we wrote this guide, to help you recover deleted photos without losing any, or as little as possible. It is irrelevant where you have kept the photos, it can be a pendrive, a memory card or an internal or external hard drive, the procedure is the same. The important thing is not to operate on the memory device, otherwise you risk overwriting the files present. If you are ready, then we begin the recovery procedure with the right software installed on your computer.

Recover lost photos

The tool I suggest you use to recover lost photos Recuva, available free for Windows from the following link.


Once installed on your system, run it to start the wizard to recover lost photos or other types of files. The first screen lets you choose the type of file that Recuva will have to try to recover (you can also leave it All files if you don't know the extension or you want to recover everything).

Recover lost photos

Click on Next to find yourself on the next screen, where to select the path, the disk or the device you want to attempt recovery.

deleted photos

The way to follow differs depending on where you had the lost files:

  • If the files were on the PC but you don't know where, leave it selected I'm not sure
  • Were the files on a microSD memory card, a hard drive or a USB stick? Then select In a specific location and with the key Browse select the memory card, disk or flash drive
  • Have the files been moved to the trash first (then accidentally emptied)? Select the item In the Recycle Bin

Click on again Next; in the window that appears you can choose whether or not to activate the deep scan (Deep Scan), able to find files deleted by mistake for more than 2-3 days (I suggest you to activate it anyway, it helps a lot in the recovery of files).

deleted photo recovery

Now the recovery scan will start. If deep scan is enabled it may take a few hours to scan the larger disks.

At the end of the scan you will see a list with all the recovered files, their degree of recovery (green light indicates perfectly recoverable files, yellow probably recoverable files and red files now lost forever).

photo recovery with Recuva

Manually select the files by checking the box next to it or use the mouse selection to select several files, then click on the button Recover below right to start recovery. The program will ask you in which PC folder to place the recovered files.

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