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Record Disney +, collect 16.5 million subscribers in 10 days

Record Disney +, collect 16.5 million subscribers in 10 days

In just five months from the launch, Disney + subscribers have reached 50 million registered in early April, but the growth of the streaming TV service shows no sign of slowing down, on the contrary. The latest data announced during the presentation of the quarterly results reveal a further increase in users, foreseeable given the expansion of the service in several European countries, including Italy, starting from the end of March of this year.

According to the data of the entertainment giant in just 10 days, 16.5 million new subscribers registered at Disney + are well. The great success thus drags further upwards the total which now amounts to 54.5 million users, a new record dated 4 May. Executives attribute great success not only to the international expansion of the streaming TV service, but also to the extensive lockdowns and quarantines for Coronavirus. Isolation appears to have prompted more people to seek alternative entertainment solutions than those used before Covid-19.

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Recall that at the launch in the USA the Mickey Mouse multinational had declared a target between 60-90 million Disney + subscribers worldwide by 2024. Considering that the total has already reached 54.5 million users, it is clear that the success has exceeded Disney expectations and that the set goals will be achieved much earlier than expected.

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