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Real goes to open source

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Real goes towards open source – logomacitynet1200wide 1

RealNetworks also embraces the path of Open Source. In fact, during the day today, the Californian company should announce a new project called Helix which will have the characteristics of "free" software and with code available to developers who will be able to improve it and increase its functionality.

Real, which should also provide further details on the matter, should also announce that Helix will also be able to stream content encoded on the Internet with other platforms, such as Windows Media Player and QuickTime. All of this should be possible using the most diverse variety of operating systems and platforms.

According to some observers, the move to Open Source would be the answer to Microsoft's growing pressure on the Real standard. In the past, even Netscape, just before giving up the scepter to Microsoft in the field of Internet browsers, had taken the same path.

Meanwhile in Redmond they keep their antennas raised. In your pocket there is the option of a legal action against Real if you suspect that Helix may somehow offer to stream proprietary formats by illegally using part of the Microsoft code.

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