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RavPower RP-TL001, the 5-in-1 multipurpose knife in stainless steel

RavPower coltello

Perhaps an unusual gadget for our audience but probably a tool that we should all have in the baby carrier: RavPower RP-TL001 the multipurpose knife that our editorial staff has been able to touch with their hands recently to analyze its characteristics and construction quality.

It is a tool that offers multiple functions and is therefore able to adapt to the most common uses thanks to the screwdriver with 9 interchangeable tips and the removable pliers, useful both at home and in the car or garage. For Sunday outings or real picnics, bottle and bottle opener can be equally useful, without obviously underestimating the main blade with serrated base to cut paper, fabric, ropes and small branches in a few minutes.

Com done

The knife made entirely of stainless steel, painted black and with a slightly matte finish. There are no wooden or plastic parts that usually make up at least the handle: here all of steel, robust and serrated on the two external sides to offer a better grip.

Everything affects us on the weight, of 222 grams according to what our kitchen scale marks. Certainly not a few for a knife that when closed measures 11 x 3 x 2.5 centimeters, but which in fact give the knife a feeling of strength, as well as justified by the presence of pliers and another set of tools incorporated in the handle.

The custody

The knife is sold together with a practical fabric case, externally canvased and with a rigid structure, tailored to accommodate the knife and the series of interchangeable tips for the screwdriver. The edges are thick and accompanied by apparently robust seams, the opening guaranteed by a tongue that locks externally via a press button. Finally, on the back there is a buttonhole to easily attach it to the trouser belt, thus having the knife always at hand, for example during an excursion in the mountains.

RavPower knife

The instruments

This knife provides five tools:

The main blade – perhaps the most versatile of the five and the one that impressed us the most. The blade is reminiscent of a small miniature John Rambo knife, both for the lines and the serrated lower half, very useful for cutting ropes or sawing (with a little patience) small branches. It is very sharp, so much so that you can cut a sheet of paper by holding it with one hand suspended in mid-air as if it were butter and the tip very thin, capable of piercing even a pile of multiple sheets with a simple tap. Overall 8 cm long, 3 cm the serrated portion and the remaining 5 cm the smooth blade that ends at the tip. The back is 3 mm thick and makes the blade really rigid, making it impossible to flex between the fingers. Two other features make this tool practical and safe to use: there is in fact a locking system that keeps the blade in position, preventing it from suddenly closing during use, thus cutting the fingers that hold the body. For extraction, on the other hand, a pin on the end that can be controlled with the thumb of the same hand with which we hold the knife comes to our aid (unfortunately for position it is a function that cannot be used by left-handed people), therefore very useful when the other hand is already busy (maybe to hold a rope still).

RavPower knife

The pliers – an instrument perhaps not common in multipurpose knives and which instead we find in this model the pliers. It is extracted from the same side of the main blade by lifting a lever and turning it (with a little force) until it almost touches the opposite side of the handle. In the past we have had multipurpose knives equipped with pliers and here the thickness of those that RavPower has chosen for this model is striking: they are in fact very thin (4mm) and therefore manage to occupy little space reducing not only the overall weight of the knife, but also the size of the handle, thus ensuring that it still remains rather pocket-sized. The pliers can also be enlarged by several centimeters, thus managing to grasp boughs or tubular sections of generous dimensions. It has a flat section 2 cm long, a central one with the classic circular shape 1 cm long and finally the terminal part consisting of two shears (8mm). The lever is really well made and the shape such as to guarantee an excellent grip, being able to make strength with all the fingers of the hand.

RavPower knife

Bottle opener and can opener – on the back there are the last three tools offered by the knife. Two of these are bottle openers and cans, which can be removed through the common slot located on one of the two sides. Here there is little to say, they are the classics that we find in almost all multipurpose knives, even here with a rather generous thickness (3mm) and that makes them really robust and impossible to flex.

RavPower knife

Screwdriver – last but not least, perhaps the real killer feature of this product is the screwdriver, which as far as the real knife is concerned is a 3 cm long pin. In order to function it must necessarily be accompanied to the cylinder that we find placed in a special pocket of the case together with the interchangeable tips. This magnetic cylinder and on both sides, locking firmly both to the knife pin and to the tips inserted from time to time. there are 9 in all: three star tips (PH3, PH2, PH1), three flat tips (7, 5, 3) and three hexagonal tips (H5, H4, H3). Honestly, the tips are difficult to extract from the appropriate container, a sort of silicone cartridge case that adheres all too well to the various tips requiring you to flex them over and over again to be able to remove them from their housing.

RavPower knife

How are you

In these days the weather has not been on our side and we have therefore not had the opportunity to actually test it on the field, forcing our tests for home use only.

The screwdriver performs well, perhaps the handle, not having a regular shape, is not as practical as a common screwdriver. It is equally true that it is a secondary tool and that it must be used only in emergencies, such as for example to fix the screw of a loose chair on the fly, and certainly not to mount an entire Ikea kit: for that good to rely on specific kits.

Nothing to report for bottle openers and can openers, both do their duty. On the other hand, the performance of the pliers is very good, which would not be expected due to their reduced thickness. Thanks to the large handle, on the other hand, they can be handled very well and tightened even around objects, easily managing to break even a pencil.

Finally, the main blade is excellent, both in the serrated part and in a few minutes it allowed us to perfectly cut the branch (half a centimeter thick) of a dying bonsai that we had at home, both in the smooth part, which as we have already mentioned previously very sharp and must also be handled with extreme care.

RavPower knife


The impressions we had are all really positive. The only thing you will have to live with is the weight, which is largely increased by the stiffer and safer stainless steel handle. The structure of the various parts that make it up linear and we believe that it could be possible to easily disassemble it to remove some instrument reducing its size: the star screws that keep the two external parts that make up the handle closed could in fact be unscrewed to remove the secondary instruments, lightening much of the knife, leaving only the main blade (however, this is a hypothesis as we did not delight in disassembling the knife, preferring it with all the tools offered).

Some parts, such as pliers and screwdrivers, are unusual for a multipurpose knife but they are also the ones that make it much more versatile, not only for hiking and fishing, but also for occasional use in the home, in the car and in the garage.

Retail price

RavPower RP-TL001 on sale on Amazon for 24.99 euros.