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Raise it, Italian design and functionality

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Those who follow the Mac world closely know that its users are demanding and sophisticated in terms of design. A refined taste that Cupertino knows how to cultivate but which requires all those who work in the world of peripherals and accessories to adapt to it, on pain of remaining excluded or marginalized from the market. That quality and intelligence in the assembly as well as in the search for functionality are indispensable in the field of accessories for Macintosh demonstrate the dozens of companies operating in this field. Among the many companies operating in this sector, the American ones stand out, but the Japanese also do their part with products that, in some cases, do not even come from the island of the Rising Sun.

The Italians, on the other hand, although recognized worldwide as the true champions of international design, are not particularly present in the field of accessories for Mac. To dispel this tradition, a young Italian company is trying to debunk it, the valance Buka Della Festa.

This is a reality born a short time ago and which for now has launched itself into the field of accessories with a single product, a sort of "podium" for Apple, iBook and Titanium laptops, but which is already enjoying great success internationally.

The support, significantly called "ALZAmela", made of plexiglass, laser-cut and designed with great taste. A true perfect "champion" of Italian style.

In fact – said one of the owners of Buka Della Festa, Elena Benedetti – the quality of design, with functionality, our first goal. We know that Mac users in this field are very demanding and we want to meet this market. But how did the idea of ​​ALZAmela come about? It is a product that has ergonomic functions over time – Elena Benedetti told us again – and heat dispersion. Tilting the Mac gives you better access to the keyboard and better visibility and better dissipates the heat produced by the processor. Buka della Festa also has a non-inclined support, useful for those who prefer only to exploit the heat dispersion capabilities. In the price list there are also models that by color and size adapt to the old Apple laptop models, the G3.

But ALZAmela is not the only product on which Buka della Festa will focus its attention. There are other innovations in the pipeline, as confirmed by Elena Benedetti again. Of course, we are studying other products. We have just started and are trying to optimize our resources. But already from autumn and winter we will present other accessories. At the same time, we will also focus our attention on the Italian market, after focusing on the national one

Buka della Festa sells its ALZAmela directly via the Web. In the autumn they will also arrive at some Apple stores and distributors scattered around the peninsula.