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RAID FireWire with 60 + Mb / sec performance

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FireWire RAID with 60 + Mb / sec performance –

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WiebeTech has announced a FireWire RAID that boasts two 7200RPM drives in a small container. Each drive equipped with a separate OXFW911 FireWire bridge, allowing – without the need for any drivers – completely independent operations such as striping and mirroring under Mac OS X.

RAID designed to take advantage of Mac OS X's inherent ability to easily create RAID using FireWire drives. WiebeTech offers a storage device with 240GB capacity (unformatted) and with performances that, according to the manufacturer, exceed 60MB / sec, as measurable with InTech's benchmarking software.

The procedure for creating a RAID under OS X is a very simple operation and consists of opening Disk Utility and dragging both drives into the RAID box, assigning it a name and clicking on the "Create" button. The small WiebeTech product (191 x 61 x 117mm), has an aluminum casing and therefore takes up little desk space.

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