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RagTime: in Paris the beta for Mac OS X

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RagTime: in Paris the beta for Mac OS X –

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RagTime, remember, an integrated package for document processing with excellent layout functions and with powerful vector drawing tools. It has a powerful and sophisticated word processor, allows you to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional commercial graphs and equipped with an interesting spreadsheet. QuickTime images, sounds and animations but also buttons can be part of a document. The components of RagTime 4 are not modules in their own right; they are all part of the same document. There is no need to link documents, re-import files or cut and paste data. For office or company work, built-in mask management. A mask can consist of several different pages that are automatically added in the correct order while you are working with the document. It allows you to create similar documents from the same form. AppleScript support allows you to automate frequent and repetitive actions.

We also like to highlight how the German RagTime GmbH, in recent months, has decided to release, for free download, a "light" version of this suite for OS 9, called RagTime Solo. It, with a minimal limitation, can still very well equip our computers, without any expense.

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