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Raging Thunder 2: racing in the car and adrenaline on the iPhone and touch

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Raging Thunder 2: car racing and adrenaline on iPhone and touch –

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Rather than driving simulations, the new Raging Thunder 2 takes inspiration from the fun and pure action of console car racing games. To offer an all-adrenaline driving experience on the iPhone and touch, the game counts on one of the best 3D representations seen in the genre, able to immerse the player in exotic scenarios and at the same time so fluid as to offer an effective sensation of speed.

So we should not run on tracks that are too realistic but inside abandoned temples, on tropical beaches, even underground by slaloming between unknown volcanoes. To control the car we have the accelerometer for the steering and the brake and accelerator buttons on the screen. To complete the inspiration, the whole arcade Raging thunder 2 offers shortcuts for each track to discover and many upgrades to collect.

Before challenging other competitors via the local network or via the Internet, it is best to upgrade our car and customize it by taking advantage of the winnings. To play in single player we have 5 different game modes available: survival, time trial, career mode, single race and finally arcade.

Raging Thunder 2 proposed on the App Store for 3.99 euros.

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