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Raffaello VR: art becomes virtual thanks to augmented reality

Raffaello VR: l’arte diventa virtuale grazie alla realtà aumentata

Skylabs Studios has built a real virtual museum dedicated to the genius of Raffaello Sanzio: Raffaello VR.Raffaello VR allows, 500 years after the master's death, his masterpieces to enter directly into the houses.

Skylab Studios has in fact created an exhibition that can be visited from home, with in-depth content, even for children and with sign language and it did so thanks to virtual reality and augmented reality.

At this time when for the provisions for the containment of Coronavirus it is not possible to access museums or travel, also Raffaello VR, in addition to Google Arts & Culture, a cultural resource not to be underestimated and not to lose sight of, especially when it will be available in the full version in late April.

Raffaello VR: art becomes virtual thanks to augmented reality

Raffaello VR was inaugurated on April 6, 2020, the date on which the artist was born in Urbino in 1843 and on which he died only 36 years later, in 1520, in Rome, due to an epidemic.

Made with the contribution of about 50 people, including 3D modelers, animators, voice actors, project managers, art directors, graphic designers, web designers, marketing experts, social innovators and art experts.

They worked on a 3D environment that can be visited via smartphone, tablet, computer, Oculus or VR helmet. 22 of Raphael's main works are exhibited, which come alive and tell their own stories and those of the master. Thanks to the morphing technique, some characters of the paintings become cartoons, thus simplifying the enjoyment by the little ones.

The museum also features LIS video guides, which will allow deaf people to deepen their visit to the exhibition.

Raffaello VR: art becomes virtual thanks to augmented reality

The museum was opened in preview on April 6 at this link and, at the moment, online with a demo version that allows you to access a room in the museum, take a look at the collection and the index. Raffaello in Virtual Realt will be completed and usable with all the works at the end of April and inaugurated with a special video call presentation with all the protagonists who, directed by Skylab Studios, gave life to this project.

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