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Radio Disney music is purchased on iTunes

While the 50th anniversary of the first Disneyland is underway, Disney has again agreed with Apple to enrich the iTunes offering.

Over a year ago Disney Records had chosen iTunes as a channel to distribute the music of the Disney house, it had done so exclusively for six months.

Disney in various countries (USA, Japan, Great Britain, Poland, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Dominican Republic and Ecuador) has active radio stations called Radio Disney, dedicated to children and with music that appeals to them, these are functioning on the frequencies traditional but also via satellite and cable, especially in the United States, there are dozens of them, one in every major city. 97% of the US territory has at least one Disney radio broadcasting.

A massive presence of Disney Radio and a strong pressure on the musical choices of teenagers or even younger ones.

Playlists broadcast by Radio Disney are now available via iTunes, the Mickey Mouse fan listens to a song on the radio that he likes and then he can go to the iTunes Music Store (only the US one) and buy the song digitally to listen to it with 'iPod … if not even thirteen will have to ask his parents.