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Radeon beats GeForce2

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Radeon beats GeForce2 logomacitynet1200wide 1

Better than the Radeons of the GeForce2 MX. InsideMacGames, a site specializing in the gaming sector on Mac, has no doubt about it. The judgment, which insinuates some doubt in the public opinion of the users of our platform that looks with skepticism at everything that comes from ATI, was born on the basis of a series of tests carried out with some of the most popular 3D games for Mac: Unreal and Quake. "The bench tests that we carried out – according to a service published yesterday – show that the Radeon is a card that performs better than GeForce2". Le Nvidia, InsideMacGames claims that accompanies its test with a series of graphs, keep up and offer high level performances (often superior to those of the Radeons) only at low resolutions or with not exaggerated levels of detail. The Radeons instead give the best of themselves and exceed the GeForce precisely in these conditions which are those preferred by the "hard core" players. InsideMacGames underlines that one of the advantage factors for the Radeons are definitely the drivers, more efficient than those that govern the Nvidia. But this is only a detail. Radeons also have other hardware advantages such as the use of DDR memories, which result in an ability to play games at faster frame rates. InsideMacGames' advice, therefore, to buy a Radeon card if you intends to have a car as fast as possible in the recreational field. All the more if you consider that there is no difference in price if you configure your system with a GeForce or with a Radeon.For our part we simply consider that at the moment the Radeons are the high-end cards of ATI, the GeForce2 are instead considered mid-range cards by Nvidia which for the high end market focuses on GeForce3.

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