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Racing Mania, micro machines on the attack on iPhone and touch

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Racing Mania, micro machines attack on iPhone and touch –

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Attack micro-machines. This is the slogan with which Racing Mania could be launched, a new motorized game landed on the App Store during the Easter holidays.

Racing Mania focuses on the aspect of racing itself, rather than on the hyper realistic simulation of the cars. Machines in two-dimensional graphics (even if each obtained from a detailed 3d model) that travel very fast on different circuits (there are 5 to choose from, among various scenarios). Our task will be to beat the opponents by choosing the best car for each circuit by sifting through the characteristics for speed, steering, weight, acceleration or ability in the tires

The difficulty levels are three, but to access the last one, you must first end the game in "normal" mode, placing yourself in the top 5 in the first tracks, then in the top 3 in the following ones. At the end of each race you can access the "shop" mode to purchase acceleration, maximum speed or to repair damage to your car, which reduces performance and grip.

Other features include: 15 original soundtracks, composed by Simone Cicconi, 10 micro toy cars, Bluetooth for multiplayer games.

Racing Mania costs 1.59 euros and can be purchased from here

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