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QuickTime via Satellite in Europe: the coordinates

logomacitynet1200wide 1

QuickTime via Satellite in Europe: the coordinates – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple has released the data concerning the transmission of the Steve Jobs keynote.

The satellite used is not among the best known for the Italian public, accustomed to focusing its parables on the traditional Eutelsat and Astra. This is the NSSK H7 which is located 21.5 degrees west and which is still known for all those who receive the US satellite service feeds.

In any case, for obvious reasons, it becomes necessary to have a motorized dish available for precise aiming and a decoder capable of receiving the PowerVu clear signal.

Here is the detail of the coordinates, as they were provided to us by Apple

Satellite: NSSK H7 Virtual Channel 1 Orbital position: 21.5 deg WestFEC: 3 / 4Symbol Rate: 20.15Standard: PALCoding: Powervu in clearDownlink Frequency: 11 591.5Polarity: Y

On this MacProf page you will find details of the possibilities of connecting with various systems.

Recall, for which keynote will also be transmitted via QuickTime. In this case, it is sufficient to have QT 5 available and to connect to the site where the direct link is located

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