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QuickTime Live! dedicated to developers

QuickTime Live! dedicated to developers

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In Los Angeles the meeting that will take place in mid-October, and dedicated to QuickTime, will be largely for developers, with sessions on client / server architectures and hands-on sessions with Apple's development team. The courting of developers a clear signal from Apple, means wanting to focus even more on the multimedia platform constituted by QuickTime and of which Apple was the first promoter, with the intention of making it definitively affirm as a main base for web streaming and the supply of multimedia content. In our opinion, QuickTime will be Apple's workhorse in the coming years, the battles to come will focus on multimedia and on-line streaming, the market is clear, the increasing availability of broadband connections such as ADSL and low-cost rates like flat, nothing else will not allow us to access much heavier content than some web pages and these will be nothing but online and multimedia streaming.

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