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Quibi, TV support coming soon. First iOS, then Android

Quibi, TV support coming soon. First iOS, then Android

Quibi will soon be able to stream content to TV. The update is expected to arrive in the next few days for iOS, while on Android there will still be some waiting. There is no precise information on the supported platforms and protocols.

Quibi, which is a contraction of the English expression Quick Bites, is a Netflix-style streaming service but primarily designed for smartphones. It has some tricks of format (each episode of a series lasts no longer than 7-8 minutes) and technology (optimization of the shot both horizontally and vertically, able to switch from one to the other in real time) that it makes it particularly suitable for mobile devices. Support for big screens apparently goes against the app's philosophy, designed to be watched on the way home / work or when you have those five / ten minutes of break during the daily grind. But it was a somewhat forced choice, according to what co-founder Jeffrey Katzenberg said.

The fact is that the service's debut was less than expected. In the first seven days, downloads were 1.7 million, yes, but the curve flattened rather quickly. To date, after about 1 month, Katzenberg talks about 3.5 million installations and 1.3 million active users (according to Sensor Tower, however, the downloads are even less, 2.9 million). And all this, it is good to remember, in a phase still completely covered by the 3-month free trial period.

Unfortunately, the service has made its debut at the worst possible time for a mobile-only service: at the beginning of a pandemic that forced hundreds of millions of people home, and therefore with free 24/7 access to computers, televisions, projectors and other large screens.

In short, the departure of Quibi is definitely uphill. Katzenberg said the company will lower its estimates for the first year and will slow down the release of new content, so as to have good coverage until 2021. This detail is important because, it must be remembered, the film / television industry is also substantially on standby due to quarantine. Of course, in some circumstances you can get by working from home, but the cases are limited.