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QT, new page in Italian

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QT, new page in Italian logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple has renewed the page in Italian dedicated to QuickTime. Now the structure is the same that for a long time has characterized that in English, with the badges announcing the videos, trailers and news in and of QT. Note that if you press the download link you get to a page to download the 5.0 version of the software (9 MB full install); until a few days ago the only way to get the distribution was to go through the pages of the American server because the one in Italian still only gave access to version 4.1.2, the latest one installed on even the most recent machines. Version 5.0 has several news that we have already talked about for a long time in the past, including the interface redesigned to have an "Aqua look". It is also interesting to note that if you do not visit this page and try to launch "Update QuickTime" directly from your computer, the software does not detect any new updated version if you are using version 4.1.2, as mentioned the last one installed directly at the factory. Returning to the QT page it must be said that Apple has done an interesting job, fully locating the information on version 5.0 Now it remains to be seen when Cupertino decides to also present version 5.02, which differs only in very few details from 5.0, the latest release. ciata from his laboratories.

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