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QlikView for iPad, interactive Business Intelligence on tablets

QlikView for iPad, interactive Business Intelligence on tablets –

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QlikTech, a business intelligence company, announced at the Gartner Business Intelligence Summit the availability of QlikView for iPad, a solution for mobile business business intelligence. Designed to support iPad's native multi-touch interface, the application gives mobile business intelligence a new level of interactivity by promoting the free exploration of corporate data without the typical limits of static reporting. Users can consult the information they need when and how they want. An opposite approach to competing offers that provide static web-based reports and therefore do not allow the interactivity required by users to obtain timely responses.

Among the most interesting features: Multi-Touch Analysis (possibility to touch, press or swipe to select the data), Coverflow (allows you to scroll through the analyzes, make a new selection and immediately see the changes made), High graphics definition, Support for horizontal and vertical display, GPS support (iPad 3G only) to automatically detect the geographical position to select local information relating to for example sales, services or inventory data as the user approaches the customer's site or to the supplier's warehouse, Integrated analysis sharing (the email button at the top right of the screen allows you to view and share the analyzes with anyone), Associative search (by touching the search box and entering a few letters of the desired criteria, you can instantly view the results).

Free on the App Store

(By Mauro Notarianni)

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