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Python, the hi-tech mask to look beyond the invisible


Python is a highly technological thermal mask that allows thermal and night vision thanks to a thermal imaging camera. Find application in airsoft

Python is an innovative mask with thermal vision, highly technological, designed by Nexo Group and distributed by Sef Italia, to give new power to the sense of sight and allow the eyes to see what is normally invisible. design particularly sophisticated, sophisticated: clean lines, attention to detail, fine materials. The mask integrates a single chip of small dimensions, in which contained the technology that allows the thermal and night vision, thanks to a very high quality optical prism. This wearable device actually integrates two video cameras, one HD for daylight and the other for night and thermal vision. It allows you to see a person, at night, at a distance of 40 meters, in total darkness, in fog or in unfavorable weather conditions. It also allows you to see people hidden or camouflaged in the environment, showing the eyes what they would normally not be able to perceive.

The name of this mask, Python, is inspired by the fact that snakes and the pythons have the ability to create thermal images that allow them to perceive the presence of any prey or predators. This ability is determined by a particular sensory system that allows the capture of infrared radiation. The recognition of these radiations is very important because it allows the snake to be able to detect the presence of the prey accurately and quickly at distances greater than 1 m, in addition to being useful for avoiding predators and for controlling thermoregulation.

The mask Python acquires videos and images with a 360 field of view, which can then be transferred to your computer via a microSD card. It also includes some useful apps, such as geolocation, instant voice messaging, radio communication; compatible with iOS and Android. The product includes three types of interchangeable lenses, innovative ventilation system, customizable straps and closures.


The first application of Python in the search and rescue of people, at night, in the dark, in the midst of vegetation, in the woods, in the event of accidents, etc. Or Python can be used by the firefighters in the smoke to immediately see the possible presence of people and their position. In all these situations, the resistance to dirt and mud of Python, which preserves a clear vision in all weather conditions while protecting the eyes. Also the smoke will not be able to enter the mask, because Python adheres to the face and provides a perfect facial seal; its flexible structure offers comfort and safety.

Python Thermal Mask – Firefighting from Nexo Group on Vimeo.

Another application more playful in the Airsoft: the Python micro camera in fact allows players to identify areas of heat through smoke and darkness, so as to see their teammates and enemies even in complete darkness.