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PyMusique lasts for a weekend

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It took only three days to buy music from Apple's digital music store without going through iTunes and, moreover, downloading unprotected songs. With a quick action Cupertino has in fact closed the hole that allowed the independent software PyMusique to implement this procedure, disabling its functions.

To make it known last night the same Apple with a note announcing the update of the applications that manage the store. The announcement, while not briefly mentioning PyMusique, clearly suggests that the goal was precisely to exclude users.

‘The security hole in the iTunes Music Store‘ Apple says ‘and recently exploited, was closed. As a result of this the store will sell music only to users who use iTunes 4.7 ’

The story, as noted, began last Friday when three developers, including Jon Johansen best known with DVD Jon for developing the first hack to protect the DVD encoding system, had released software that allowed them to make purchases from the iTunes Music Store with Linux and Windows without using iTuns. The purchased songs could not only be downloaded as many times as you wanted, but they also lacked the copy protection offered by FairPlay.

The authors then justified themselves by claiming that the sole purpose of PyMusique was to grant Linux users access to the iTunes Music Store and that the removal of songs was an unwanted effect, the result of the particular system with which Apple plans to apply it. of the protection of illegal copies, implemented by iTunes. Since PyMusique disregards iTunes the songs could not be protected.

Apple, interviewed by some American media, has not released any statement in this regard, merely stating that the limitation to purchase only to users of iTunes 4.7 will determine the need to update the software for the store for about 15% of current customers .