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Problems with Skype? Download the modified version

Problems with Skype? Download the modified version

If you are a supporter of Android, certainly know the Skype application, which has always been a point of reference for all those who want to keep in touch through video call or even simply using the text tool. They are well known for the problems encountered in the version for smartphones and tablets which, in addition to some crashes dictated by the same incompatibility of the system, is affected by several bugs such as the well-known inverted video. So how do you solve the problems? It is easy to say, it is now possible to download one specially modified version of Skype.

Through a post on the now famous xda-developers forum, yesterday the developer named Theos0o has in fact published the version of the app by himself fixata to best accommodate the users of the green robot. Based on the current release available on Google Play (latest evolution of the Android Market, for those who have not followed the succession of the latest events) it will go to fix the main bugs so far encountered, also implementing different functions loudly requested by users.

So let's look at the change log compared to the original version:

  • Exit button: closure of the application and related services.
  • Coloring the notification icons in the status bar.
  • Small corrections to vibration.
  • Possibility to rotate the camera image while on video call (just press the MENU button on the phone, then tap "Rotate camera" as many times as you need!).
  • Possibility to disable the microphone during calls (just press the MENU button on the phone).
  • Possibility to switch to Bluetooth Audio devices during calls (just press the MENU button on the phone). The code has been customized to support mono headsets and those that are not normally recognized by Skype.
  • Possibility to activate the flash / LED support during the video call.

These are the main ones, to which are then added the advanced settings:

  • Screen always on, disabling the proximity sensor for calls.
  • Possibility to force the video call on smartphones on which a custom ROM is installed which does not allow it to be made.
  • Ability to force openGL, in combination with the above option, allows you to rotate the screen in landscape during a video call.
  • Possibility to get around the setFPS, for users who get white images during the video call.
  • Possibility to play the input video in full screen. It does not allow the image of your camera to occupy a large part of the screen, leaving the input image reduced.
  • Forced LED / BNL notifications, for Skype users who normally do not have the option.
  • Added advanced camera options: focus, scenes, white balance, effects.
  • Ability to choose the ringtone.
  • Possibility to change the notification sound.
  • Possibility to completely deactivate the vibration.
  • New vibration modes introduced.
  • Detailed logging, to be used when viewing bugs during login.

As you can easily see “update"Really full-bodied and adds news such as the introduction of the much requested exit button for "kill"The application and the flash / LED support. In addition to these, a series of improvements, customizations and compatibility to extend to all, and in the best way, the correct liveability in the Skype environment.

The first reports, received from the same users who have had the opportunity to test it, are said to be positive for now, do not actually complain about the previous bugs that limited the use of the same application. For all those who want to entrust their conversations to the modified version of Skype, we make the free download available in the space below, while for more information you can consult the official thread on xda-developers.

Download | Skype_2.7.0.907_v14.apk

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