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Problems with .Mac, Apple explains itself

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Problems with .Mac, Apple explains itself –

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There is some irritation among users of .Mac services. The service on some occasions in recent days has had technical difficulties, preventing access to mail and the web for a few hours.

The problem, which was nothing new for iTools users, lasted several hours last Monday, causing concern for all those who paid to sign up for the annual subscription. Many of them, in fact, think they use the .Mac services also for critical tasks, for work or for initiatives that cannot be put into crisis by blackouts that in the past had aroused several controversies and that it is hoped that now that the service paid may not be so frequent.

Apple realizing that the reliability of .Mac a critical factor immediately responded by apologizing to users and explaining the causes of the problem. 'It was,' says Apple, 'a problem caused by the malfunction of a device that supports the service. Since the manufacturer has not convinced us that in the future this problem will not recur, we have already started to replace the component '

The changes, Apple explains, will involve a few weeks of work but the company is paying particular attention to the fact that the same difficulties do not arise until the complete revision of the service.

Apple's concerns also add to the unpleasant timing with which problems with the .Mac services occurred. On 14 October, in fact, the last date on which the old owners of the iTools service can convert their subscription from free to paid, also taking advantage of a discount.

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