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Problems with iPhone 3G? Steve thinks about it

Problems with iPhone 3G? Steve takes care of it logomacitynet1200wide 1

A reader of the Macrumors website claims to have received a reply email directly from Steve Jobs regarding the problems of receiving the iPhone 3G. The short answer signed "Steve" indicates a percentage of 2% of iPhones subject to the problem on the total of those sold. The full text of the email received in response, written by Steve Jobs in person or by others who sign for him this: "We are working on some bugs that affect about 2% of iPhones sold and we hope to provide a software update soon".

Both the percentage of iPhones with problems and the news of a resolution via software update represent two novelties. In recent days BusinessWeek has dealt with the topic by citing internal and anonymous sources that have declared a defect percentage equal to 1% of the iPhone 3G and , for the first time, an unconfirmed indiscretion of a solution of the problem via software update.Not the first time that a Mac user receives a signed Steve response to an email addressed to him: in short emails often are indicated data and information that are not in the public domain.

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