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Pro Zombie Soccer on iPhone: play ball with the undead

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Unfortunately, we had to wait almost two weeks before we could review Pro Zombie Soccer for iPhone and iPod Touch. The debut game created by Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team and published by Chillingo was in fact torn by a sensational bug that made it practically unplayable on devices that mounted iOS 4; but today, with the release of version 1.1, the problem has been completely solved.

Now that we have tried it we can finally say that Pro Zombie Soccer was a pleasant surprise. The premises are extremely simple: Jax, a young football fan whose career ended even before starting, will have to face a horde of zombies using a battered ball, the only weapon available to him. The structure of the levels closely resembles that of Plants VS Zombies, in which the enemies come en masse from the right and must be stopped before they reach the position of the player: it is necessary to take out the hungry undead with the sound of cannon shots and free kicks , while Jax's three special attacks will be learned immediately. After eliminating a certain number of zombies it will be possible to slow down time, kick devastating shots or even pulverize them with a deadly beam coming from a satellite in space.

The action will quickly become frenetic, and each enemy will have different characteristics and weak points: some will require two or more shots to be shot down, others will hide underground, still others will be hit on the bank or in the head. Each level introduces a series of original ideas, as the game grows and becomes more and more fun until the fateful final battle. But the real strength of Pro Zombie Soccer is its irrepressible humor: the dialogues and game situations are full of jokes, quotes, references, parodies, filming from video games like Half-Life and Portal, or famous films like Star Wars. The spectacular illustrations and the excellent characterization of the characters complete the whole and, as simple as the mechanics, the new Chillingo game proves to be one of the best pastimes for iPhone and iPod Touch in recent weeks. The fear was that of being faced with yet another lackluster game which was given a football context to take advantage of the World Cup period, but once the main adventure has been completed, the need for new levels and contents is felt. Fortunately, the developers recommend keeping an eye on the App Store for future updates, while the title can be purchased at a cost of just 79 cents.