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Privacy Shade, the BlackBerry app to not get peeked on the screen

The software draws a barrier on the screen to prevent contacts, data and private conversations from getting close to prying eyes

(Photo: BlackBerry)(Photo: BlackBerry)

The smartphone has become for many a guardian of unspeakable secrets, but there are categories of people who care about their data more than others: it addresses their BlackBerry with its latest app, Privacy Shade. As simple as it is brilliant, the software is used to darken the phone screen to prevent passersby or neighbors on public transport from peeking where they don't have to, keeping important information visible to the owner of the phone.

The well-made idea: once the Privacy Shade has been opened and configured, to activate it just lower the notification curtain and touch the corresponding item. The screen goes dark immediately, except for a small window that you can drag around the screen with your finger, depending on where you need to read. In the meantime, the rest of the display is still navigable, so you cancontinue working on the smartphone without having to continuously activate and deactivate the protection completely. Among the possible options choose the shape of the window visible between rectangular and circular, but also the transparency level of the barrier, to be able to glimpse the elements of the graphical interface and switch from one screen to another without problems.

Unfortunately Privacy Shade not available for everyone: BlackBerry made it part of the suite applications reserved for your Android devices, on which it can be downloaded for free.


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