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Privacy on Zoom: from the USA "use alternative videoconferencing apps"

privacy on Zoom

Too many security issues for the video conferencing app now used by 200 million users after the coronavirus lockdown, CEO Eric Yuan apologizes and takes the former Facebook security chief as a consultant

The rumors about privacy issues on Zoom do not subsideFinancial Times, American senators were asked tofind alternative platforms to use for smart working. Not a real ban on using the Zoom service. But a formal invitation not to do it.

The continuous privacy checks on Zoom are quickly explained. Many politicians, government office officials, managers and employees of companies, schools and universities all over the world are using Zoom to connect during work and study in this lockdown period due to alcoronavirus. .Zoom had 10 million users at the end of 2019, now it has 200 million.

Zoom no longer shares user data with Facebook

For several weeks, Zoom had been under a magnifying glass regarding security breaches in the service. The most sensational one for the Silicon Valley-based company had admitted to havingFor error passed some data from its users through its two servers in China. Admission of the involuntary data routing to China (in February) came after a search by Citizen Lab (Canadian university laboratory that deals with digital threats to civil society) has revealed that in some cases Zoom's data encryption keys had probably been sent to servers in Beijing.

Privacy on Zoom, too many flaws

privacy on Zoom

Other problems brought to light are the unauthorized sharing of data with third parties, see Facebook and Instagram, the possibility of joining uninvited meetings (the so-calledZoombombing) and poorly transparent communication on encryption measures.

The CEO of Zoom Eric Yuan he apologized to users admitting that the company has disappointed his community's expectations regarding security and privacy and has ensured that he is taking action to resolve the issues. In a YouTube video he apologized for the privacy and security issues. "We clearly have a lot of work to do to ensure safety. I can promise that we take these issues very, very seriously. We are examining each of them. If we find a problem, we will solve it"Said Yuan, who has now hired the former Facebook security chief as a consultant, Alex Stamos.

"In a time of global crisis, Zoom has become an important link between workers, families, friends and, more importantly, between teachers and students", Stamos, now a professor at Stanford University, wrote in a post on the Medium platform. "Zoom has important work to do on application security, infrastructure and cryptographic design", He added, specifying that he is neither an employee nor a Zoom manager, but a consultant.